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Loved For Winter + Loving For Spring

Loved For Winter + Loving For Spring

I remember being so pumped for winter fashion and I did find some true gems this past season, but ever since the new year I have fell in sort of a fashion rut! However, I am so excited to begin to dress for warmer weather. It may be because I’m moving to California, but I’m feeling a true style shift and I am loving it! I cannot wait to see how my surroundings change my daily inspiration.

Loved for Winter:


Spanx “Leather” Leggings

I got these leggings for Christmas unexpectedly and I almost immediately fell in love with them! They are so comfortable, and really suck you in in the best way. I’m excited to try to transition them into spring with maybe a graphic tee and sneakers.


Signet Ring

I got this one for Christmas as well and have worn it basically non stop. I wanted a signet ring for quite a while because I think they make such a statement on their own or stacked. Mine is no longer for sale, but I am loving this one that can be personalized too!


Button Front Jeans

I got the Rockstar Button Front Jeans which look extremely expensive, but come in at such an amazing price point! (Like they are seriously always on sale!) I always get comments on them and I am obsessed. I also just got a button front pair from Charlotte Russe (rip) that look identical to these.


Y’all I HATED hummus for years, but recently re-tried it and now I cannot get enough. The other day I tried some at the San Diego Farmer’s Market and seriously have not been able to get it off my mind. I would love to hear y’all’s favorite brands!


Weekender Bag

This bag is legitimately my new favorite thing ever, and when I posted it on my instagram I got so many questions. It looks and feels so luxe, but comes in at under $100. Definitely still a splurge, but so worth it for what you get. Mine is in the color Brown.

Loving for Spring:


Wide Leg Pants

Skinny is out and wide legs are in! Whether it’s super breezy pants or a pair of cropped, flared denim, I have not been able to get enough. I feel like they make you look so fashion forward even if you’re only wearing comfy basics. These are pictured above!


Layered Necklaces

I have been layering dainty necklaces like a crazy person. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m moving to California or something else, but I just love how effortlessly cool it feels. These are the ones I’ve been reaching for the most 1 | 2 | 3 |

Nude Lips

Honestly, before the past few weeks, I was NEVER a fan of nude lips on me, but I found the perfect combo that I will be sharing on the blog soon!


Hair Accessories

I am so pumped that everyone is decorating their hair! I am planning on doing an entire post on different pieces and ways to wear them, BUT I just bought these on Amazon (only $3!) and I cannot wait to get them in!


Josh and I just found an apartment (our first together and my first in California!) and I’ve noticed that almost everything I’m attracted to when it comes to interior decor is rattan! I hope he’s into it too! (;

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