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Will You Accept This Rose? An Outfit From Day To Night.

Will You Accept This Rose? An Outfit From Day To Night.



When I was shooting with my fav, Dallas, I said if I ever went on a picnic date with a boy this is exactly what I would wear. I think the cut of this dress with the denim jacket is so classically romantic. With the high neckline, the longer hemline and the rosy pattern, it takes me back about sixty years and gives the perfect breezy daytime look. I almost always wear shorter dresses, but I was shocked at how pretty I felt in this long twirly skirt!




It is so easy to transform this dress into a nighttime look. Like I said before, it’s a more classic old-school sillouette which I think looks perfect paired with a modest pump. You would definitely want to add va va voom hair and a red lip. If you’re looking for something ‘in between’ keep the denim jacket and add a pair of brown leather heels!

The sweet Sailin from Shoppin With Sailin sent me this dress and I could not be more happy with it! She seriously offers phenomenal customer service! If you’re stumped on which dress would look best on you, just ask! She chose this one for me based on my body type and I was so impressed with how the shape flattered and how the piece was so versatile! Not to mention, the package arrives wrapped like a gift so opening it is so exciting! I have never been treated with such care while browsing! Plus, her other dresses are so adorable, I am dying for more! To get 15% off your order from Shoppin With Sailin use my code TBOH15 at checkout!

Now, onto the Bachelor…first off, happy finale! To me, this season seemed a lot easier than some of the past ones. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching a lot of the relationships bloom. And I have really enjoyed this group of girls as a whole…even Corrinne! Yes, she grew on me. I do think she’s young but I also think she’s caring and powerful and knows what she wants. Yes, she may have let her heart get ahead of her brain at points, but I also think editing can take a bit of the blame for that.

For the record, I really adore and respect both Vanessa and Raven, I think they’re both headstrong, spunky women with great senses of humor. That being said, I do really want it to be Vanessa. I totally fell for them as a couple on her hometown date, and I think she is one of the most selfless, smart women ever. I mean, three languages!? It does make me nervous because like she said, can love beat all the other factors out? I guess we will just have to wait and see. Her life in Montreal seems so full, and I wouldn’t expect her to give it all up, but like it’s been said this season it’s all about compromise. I am interested to see how it all pans out (and see their final dresses!)

Who are you going for???

DRESS: Shoppin With Sailin (c/0) | JACKET: American Eagle (thrifted) | SANDALS: Target | HEELS: Chinese Laundry | LIPSTICK: Trestique (Chile Red) | PHOTOGRAPHER: d.riley.g photo

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