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What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag

The Bag:

Yes, I had to take just about an entire 24 hours to oooh and ahh over this beauty. Finally my red obsession had extended into a handbag! This bag is from Ivory Clasp and I had just as much fun finding it as I do carrying it! The very first thing you do when entering the site is take the styling quiz to get matched with the perfect bag for you. This immediately had me interested because I am the type of person to stay up entirely too late taking random Buzzfeed quizzes, so when I can take a quiz I can get something from I am a very excited lady.

They pretty much have every style under the sun, so you’re sure to get matched with something you love, plus you can choose the frequency of receiving a bag; once every season as a special gift or once every month to build a solid collection! If every month is more your cup of tea, you don’t have to worry about it breaking the bank, every bag rings in at only $45! I seriously recommend, the quality is seriously high end. I was very impressed for the price!

The Stuff:

I normally have a purse-full of random things I absolutely do not need, but when it comes down to it, these are the things I always have on me. I ‘can’t live without them’ if you will.

Headphones: I got my Beats a few years back for Christmas, and I love them. I took the cord out for photos, so mine aren’t wireless but it doesn’t matter to me! I much prefer the headphones to the buds, even to work out!

Hand Sanitizer: This one is from Bath & Body Works, but I can’t find it online! I prefer this one because I love the spray feature!

AgendaI got this one at Target during their partnership, but these options are equally as adorable!

Wallet: My first grown up wallet!

Taser: I am a very independent woman, but I have been harassed many, many times. Having this on me makes me feel a billion times safer.

Hand Lotion: Smells amazing! I love moisturized hands!

Sunnies: If they’re going to live at the bottom of your bag, make them a cheap pair!

iPad Mini: Basically takes the place of my laptop on the go!


What do you carry in your bag??


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