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What To Wear To The Rodeo

What To Wear To The Rodeo

DRESS: Bealls (VERY similar) | EARRINGS: Unknown (similar, under $5) | BOOTS: Vintage (these are really close!)

TANK: Rue 21 (this one is HOT, more similar) | JEANS: American Eagle | EARRINGS: unknown (linked above) | BOOTS: Vintage (these are the coolest ever)

BODYSUIT: Marshalls (similar) | JEANS: Wet Seal (similar) | BELT: Boutique (identical) | BOOTS: Justin 

These outfits above would be perfect for any ‘country’ event (concert, dancing, rodeo) but today I will be focused on the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. My Houston ladies: it’s finally rodeo season!!!! I always anticipate this time of year so I can embrace my southern roots and run full speed ahead (maybe not full speed, I am wearing boots…) I love planning rodeo outfits, as the HLSR has such a signature look….lots of white and turquoise, a good chiffon, a bad ass tee, a red lip, HUGE statement jewelry and of course BOOTS.


Like I said before, the more southern the better. I feel like the ‘southern staple colors’ are white, turquoise, coral, and black. To begin, check the weather. If it’s going to be hot, dress like it. Seriously, with the general rodeo look, you won’t want to be sweating your a$$ off. But, if it’s going be cold, remember it gets even colder at night so with no way to get out of walking outdoors bringing a jacket is a must.

If you’re going to the general carnival, livestock show part, err more on the comfortable side, I would even go as far as saying if your boots aren’t broken in and comfy, don’t wear them. Your good ole’ chucks will work just fine for this. If I had no plans to go to the rodeo afterwards, I would probably wear some shorts and a cute flannel.

The looks above definitely show what I would wear to the actual rodeo and concerts. I always dress up, this is pretty much the event of the season for me. Haha! I love being bright and fun and what I wear is usually decided by the type of concert I’m going to. Yes, I do think there are different types of country music. If it’s chill, girly or during the day, I’ll pretty much go with a dress. But, if it’s more of a rock sound (my fav) I’ll go with a more badass look.

I would totally recommend getting a pair of boots if you can, just because they make it so dang fun. If you check more of the trendy stores, you can usually find a cute western influenced pair that will totally work, but if this is becoming more of a regular activity I’d say just dive in with a classic brown or black boot.


At the rodeo accessories are truly the star of the show. Going, you will see some of the most bedazzled, biggest stones in the world and that’s just the beginning. I feel like I always opt for turquoise when it comes to jewelry pieces (which ironically I’m not wearing any of in the above photos) Truthfully, in this case, bigger is better and more is more.

Also, in the colder weather it’s always fun to play around with scarves or a fun pair of tights. And the best jacket option is always leather, always so so sexy.


This is such a fun time to go dramatic. They say the bigger the hair the closer to Jesus and that’s truly the case, although personally I normally enjoy a beachy wave and on occasion straight hair with a middle part. But pretty much anything goes, a big ponytail, a bump or a fun braid are always fun options.

Smoky eyes are everywhere around the HLSR grounds. I also love a good red lip, BUT I do really love to eat at the rodeo… it’s usually a smoky eye for me. It’s so fun to feel glamorous.

This is what I wore last year!!

Well, that’s pretty much everything I know about dressing for the rodeo, or any southern occasion. Hope this helped, y’all!

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