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What To Wear To A Fall Wedding: 2 Looks

What To Wear To A Fall Wedding: 2 Looks

Outfit 1


I think out of the two outfits, this is definitely the bolder choice! I don’t think it’s bad to be bold at a wedding especially if you’re wearing color! It’s clear that ruffles are in for the fall season, but I really love how these ruffles really come in such a new way on this dress. Plus it’s RED, which is the color of fall and will take you right into the holiday season!

This is a boxy dress, and runs very much large especially in the waist and length. I absolutely had to belt it because I am someone with wider shoulders so having the ruffles on my upper chest area without something hugging my waist just didn’t fit for me very well. However, I do think in am eventually going to get it tailored for me because this dress is seriously nice. The material is thick and it’s definitely on the ‘nice’ side of things. I think it’s a really pretty dress and perfect for an event.


DRESS: Shoppin With Sailin (c/o) | BELT: Vintage (similar) | SHOES: Rue 21 (similar)

Outfit 2



Ugh, I think this dress is just so pretty! I think it’s really versatile, but with the striped detail, I think it makes it very easy to dress up for an event. This is definitely a modest piece, I think it would be very nice for a nighttime church wedding! The sleeve detail gives it a nice nighttime drama. I could recommend adding some sort of sparkle and color so you keep the look fun and happy!

When I was trying on this dress, I added a belt (similar to this) and it looked sooooo good, more of an everyday look! I think this dress keeps a lot of the breezy trends that were popular during the summertime accesible in the fall.


DRESS: Ola Rue Boutique (c/o) (comes in a gorgeous nude as well!) | SHOES: Chinese Laundry via Ross (these are stunning) | EARRINGS: Random (similar)

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