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Wardrobe Remixes: White Peasant Top

Wardrobe Remixes: White Peasant Top

I recently chatted on Instagram stories about how I wanted to begin sharing how I make my closet a dynamic space. The topic arose from a rant about student loans and how to save money without subtracting from the things you enjoy. I really enjoy getting dressed everyday however, I always want to promote the fact that I am continuously shopping my closet. In a culture of always wanting more, I want to show how to look at what you already own in a new light. The old can coexist with the new to create a super inspiring collection.

I have many things that I have loved and remixed for years. During this series I want to pick my most loved things out of my closet and show all the different ways I have styles them in the past. My first piece has been one of my all time favorite pieces for years (seriously! I think I’ve had it for over 4!) and it has been styled in so many different ways. I have chosen a white peasant blouse which was also featured as one of my favorite pieces of 2018! Unfortunately, this particular one is no longer for sale given it’s age, but I will link a bunch of amazing options further down the post. I really think a white peasant top is a staple for any wardrobe (and hopefully you will see how many things you already own that it will pair with!) I will link items so you can recreate these looks if you would like, but please use as inspiration first! Any link you purchase from will give me a small commission which I am so thankful for!


Here I have it edged up and slightly professional. I love how the stark lines of the black vest juxtapose the sweetness of the blouse. Similar vest here.


This was by far one of my most favorite outfits from 2018. The pink velvet skirt amps up the top being cute and ladylike but the navy boots really give it that extra touch. Similar skirt here and here. Similar booties here.


This is probably one of the easiest outfits to actually recreate because basically everyone owns a pair of distressed jeans (or even solid jeans would be awesome too!) Plus, it would look great with any heels you may own, including the booties I linked above! Similar jeans here.


This is another easy to recreate look that is sightly dressed up! Jeans are obviously such a staple, but this shape is a cool update! Similar jeans here and here. Exact shoes here. Similar shoes here.

I have also paired this top with denim shorts (which…SO CUTE) and a plethora of skirts, I am so sad I don’t have photos for those! This is just a taste of all of the options out there! I have linked below a ton of different peasant tops that would be perfect in any of these looks and are all under $50!

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