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Wardrobe Remixes: One Leopard Skirt- Eight Ways

Wardrobe Remixes: One Leopard Skirt- Eight Ways

It’s no secret that leopard is very in this season so when I initially picked up this skirt I figured it would just be another trendy piece. However, after I tried it on I began to think of all of the ways I could actually incorporate it into my closet and within a few minutes I had a very long list. Here I styled it eight different ways. I really wanted to see if it could carry me one: from the warm to cooler weather and two from uber casual to more dressed up…and it did! I can honestly think of many more ways to wear it, but if I only wore it these ways my price per wear would be a dollar because this skirt was only $8 total! You can shop it here as well as the plus sized version here. If those don’t work for you, but you still love the look of a leopard skirt check out this one and this one.

I hope this post gives you inspiration on how to style the more trendy pieces in your closet!

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