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Things I've Loved This Winter V. Things I'm Looking Forward To This Spring

Things I've Loved This Winter V. Things I'm Looking Forward To This Spring

Hey guys! Long time, no schedule cleared way up and now I'm back and totally inspired. The first day of spring was last week and the weather has been absolutely stunning here! Anyways, I did this post back in the fall and thought it was the best way to wrap up/start the season, I decided to do one for spring!

Things I Loved This Winter



I think these were the winter shoe of the season, especially in climates where it didn't constantly freeze! I stole the ones pictured above from my sister until I finally broke down and bought them for myself. I think loafers are going to transition so well into the spring especially backless ones like these! (these are the ones I'm wearing!)




I have always loved sweaters, but I feel like this year it was on another level. I've purchased a lot, especially a ton of cropped ones! I really enjoy how they can transition into spring with shorts as well. (Blog post here)



These were my thanggggg this winter! I wore at least one a week! I think they are so flattering! (Blog post here

Marc Jacobs Daisy

For a while in highschool this was my go to scent and I kind of took the backburner for a while when I discovered Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, but once I ran out of that my love was rekindled and I gotten quite a few people hooked! If you haven't smelt it, I really recommend. Try it here!

Things I'm looking Forward To In Spring


Ripped Denim

I'm a longtime fan, but lately I cannot get enough. It sparked because of my favorite jeans from That's So Gold (she came out with the shorts version and they're so cute, you can use the code Hannah for 10% off!) and now I want everything ripped up. These are the jeans I'm wearing!



Over the past few years, I kinda hopped off the wedge train. I'm not sure why, I was just much more inclined to grab heels, but I cannot wait to pair wedges with everything this season. 

Lighter Pink Lipstick

If y'all know me, you know I love the darker fuschias and reds for my lips but lately I haven't been able to get enough of the lighter pinks, especially this's the creamiest.



There are so many fun shapes out there, especially right now, that I cannot wait to get my hands on! Plus, you can find some really trendy pieces for really inexpensive (still doing the $10 thing) so it's a really fun way to dress up an outfit. (love these!)

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