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Things I Loved This Summer Vs. Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall

Things I Loved This Summer Vs. Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall

Today is the first day of fall! YAY! Every season there are always a ton of things I look forward to! I don’t know about y’all but I think it’s so much fun (and so hopeful) to look forward to outfits and events and FOOD! Haha. If you want to look at my past lists check here and here.

What I’m Looking Forward To:


I love hats in the fall and this year there are so many cute shapes! I love a big hat always, BUT this year I am loving the baker boy hat trend SO much. I think they are perfect with just about any outfit.

blazer  (mine is vintage, similar linked)

blazer (mine is vintage, similar linked)


Okay, these are like the ULTIMATE trend this fall and my closet may be already stocked. My amazing mom kept all of her from when they were popular the first time which is freakin’ awesome. Think they are so chic and look great over basically everything and the patterns and colors are SO fun.


Low Buns

When I used to dance all the time, I LOATHED low buns but not I cannot get enough. Maybe it’s because since my hair was so short, I couldn’t put it into my high bun for months but this style has really grown on me. But, they feel so effortless (and that’s probably because they are).


White Sneakers

Spoiler alert: these will be on both lists and a blog post may be coming very soon over how versatile I think they are because they are just that. They go SO cool with trouser pants like above and basically anything else imaginable.


Unique Boots

Boots this season are eye. catching. And lately my wardrobe has consisted a lot of the basics so statement shoes are exactly what my outfits need! I’m craving major updates in the shoe department!

Things I Loved This Summer



I have loved wearing white everything. White tees, white shorts and white pants. Not only did it make me look TAN, it also offered the perfect slate for super fun accessories.


These Shorts

This is a proud moment, because I ACTUALLY DISTRESSED THESE MYSELF and I wore them non-stop this summer. Like fr, if you scroll through my instagram, they’re everywhere.


New Mexico

With how much time I spent there this summer, I’m glad I love it! It is SUCH a magical place and I seriously cannot wait to return and explore more! Check out my travel diary here!


Bold Swimsuits

When it came to swimsuits this summer…I thought the bolder the better and honestly people rave about how flattering black suits are, but I felt pretty damn good in my super funky ones.


White Sneakers

Told ya they were going to be on both lists. The easiest. The chicest.



I have bought more sunglasses than I’m proud of this summer. They have by far been my favorite accessory and I’ve tried all shapes and sizes. I think they just elevate all looks!

What are YOU looking forward to this fall?!

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