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Things I Do During The Semester To Keep My Life From Falling Apart

Things I Do During The Semester To Keep My Life From Falling Apart


As I have just started my third year of college, I think I have somewhat learned the ways of keeping things together even at the most stressful times. I remember entering my freshman year still doing the same things I did during high school to be successful and looking around after a few months to a life that was basically in shambles. (I’m dramatic, but my mental, physical and GPA health were on the definite decline) After that, I was like “oh boy, I need to figure this out because I cannot live like this” Sooooooo here are some of the things that help me thrive.

***I tried to keep it light, if you don’t like an idea, just move alonggggg, these are just the things I, personally, learned***

My God, buy a planner: I did the whole “I can totally stick to just using my phone calendar and ditch writing anything down” WRONG WRONG WRONG. When you’re getting like 5 different calendars for classes alone at the beginning of each semester, respect your phone and just resort to pen and paper. Also plan everything…I plan when I’m going home next, grocery runs, workouts….everything (but don’t forget to leave some room for some spontaneity, even if that’s a lazy day for you)

Email your professors: I don’t know about everyone else, but I went through a couple of months where I was like “these project guidelines are soooo unclear, but I’m sure we’re just supposed to figure it out ourselves” and my grades reflected this dumbass way of thought. Just ask, it’s so chill.

Balance your social life: What I, in particular, mean by this is make sure you’re not going out too much and also make sure you’re not staying in too much. Either thing can be exhausting and detrimental on mental health. You are in college, you need to go out. Go out to target. Go out to parties. Go out to church. These things will help you socially develop, don’t stunt your social growth. But also, sit in your bathtub alone, journal alone, workout alone. Sometimes you need that alone time when you didn’t even notice it. My entire life my mom always told me I needed to be okay enough to go to the movies alone and I never realized that impact until I got to college.

Acknowledge what you’re putting in your body: My freshman year, I was on a mealplan and started feeling really really bad about halfway through my spring semester. I remember that I am a person that tends to run low on iron and I hadn’t put anything in my mouth that had any substantial amount of iron in it and after I altered that, I felt a billion times better. Also, once you start purchasing your own groceries, it’s way fun to try new things.

Be sure you’re making memories that don’t involve alcohol: I LIVE FOR a good sober game night and chances are your friends will too. Also, I really love to cook with my roommates, I have some super special memories through that. Remembering your memories is always fun.

Regulate your sleeping schedule: Get enough sleep for you, but don’t over do it. Last year I had open afternoons and because of that I would take a nap pretty much everyday until it seemed like I was unable to function without one. My entire life centered around sleep and it was terrible. I have learned a little less sleep does me the best.

Assess your friendships: After you move to school, you will get an influx of new friends which is so new and exciting, but be sure throughout the friend making process you’re checking in on yourself making sure you are comfortable and staying true to your morals. This is what really made my freshman year a rollercoaster.

Figure out how to study: The way I pass a test may not be the same way you do. Figure out what was works best for you. For me, I rewrite/create a review and continue to do that until with less and less info as I have memorized everything.

Get Dressed: I feel a billion times better and I am about a million times better when I actually get up in the morning and make myself look presentable. Obviously I’m not like doing a smoky eye every day, but adding a little mascara and choosing jeans instead of leggings really does help. One of my best friends always told me, if you fail that test…at the very least you look good, and while that’s mostly a joke it sometimes helps take the sting away.



Positive Outcomes Only

Positive Outcomes Only