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TBOH's Brand New Look + What's Been Up

TBOH's Brand New Look + What's Been Up


I would like to personally welcome you to my BRAND NEW SITE! This has been a long time coming and you may have noticed that I have not had an active site for some time now. I have prayed on how to discuss this ever since my site went down and for now I will keep it concise with the hopes that one day I will feel more comfortable to speak on it. 

Basically, my entire old blog got deleted. Yes, I was and still am heartbroken, but I had to keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. To give the abridged version, when I was 17 years old I sat down with someone I loved and trusted and created The Beginning of Hannah and it found its home on their family member's server and unfortunately weeks ago when our friendship found its end, my blog was deleted as well without any time for me to download it to a new hosting site. 

These individuals claimed to send me a site dump and files were sent to me, however; they were only text files and they only went up to the end of 2015. These were the same files that I was able to access from my Wordpress account, so all of my photos were lost. This was especially difficult because the motherboard on my laptop crapped out 2 months ago, and the only way I was okay to let that go was because I had the photos backed up to my blog. 

So, over the past few weeks, I have been scraping up photos from here and there and everywhere and entering and reformatting each and every one of the posts that you see today by hand! Yes, it took me absolutely forever, but I did it! And the absolute best part about it is it's all me. I did it all by myself (but, a special thanks to anyone who answered my texted questions!) and I feel like it matches my personality a billion times better than before. The Beginning Of Hannah is 100% mine and that is so exciting to say. 

So, I did lose all posts earlier than December of 2015 which is really very sad so, now when viewing posts, especially the older ones, things may look a little different. But, the lucky thing about all of this is no one can take away my love of life, my obsession with fashion or my ability to write and now I am surrounded by a support group stronger than it has ever been. 

The Beginning of Hannah is back, baby! And to be completely honest, I have more motivation than I have ever had before to make this the best that it has ever been. So, I encourage you to take a look around (after you finish reading this post of course!) My favorite part of the new site is the fancy side bar, it's something I have always wanted and I think it is soooo cool! I would love to hear what you guys think!



While my blog was down I received these earrings in the mail from The Rose and Honey Shop and I am OBSESSED. They are really big, which I love, AND they aren't heavy at all. I think they are a perfect accessory simply because they can really be worn in so many different ways. The way I wore them here, they are kind of understated and they blend it, however; if I wore my hair up, they would totally steal the show. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a coupon code! 


And I am just dying to tell you about this freakin skirt!!!!!!! I have been looking for an embroidered skirt for forever and this one is so perfect. I first fell in love with it when I was modeling for Shop That's So Gold the other day (their new arrivals are to die for!) and I knew that I had to do a post in it. The really cool thing about this piece is that I think it's SUPER transitional. I think it would be adorable to wear to the rodeo with a pair of boots or even in the summer with some sandals and a breezy crop top. It's seriously SO perfect. 



TOP: thrifted (identical) | SKIRT: Shop That's So Gold | EARRINGS: Rose + Honey (c/o) | BOOTS: Rue 21 | LIPSTICK: NYX  | PHOTOGRAPHER: C Henderson Photography

Use Code Hannah20 at checkout at Rose + Honey to get 20% off your entire order + free shipping!

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