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Summer Favorites - Fall Hopefuls

Summer Favorites - Fall Hopefuls

This summer was a great one for discovering new things! I have a ton of favorites that came out STRONG and I really think most of them will extend far into the seasons to come! However, there are a ton of cool trends on the brink this fall and I am so looking forward to dipping my toes in!

If you haven’t been around for one of these posts before my summer favorites are just as they sound: my favorite things from the summer season, and my fall hopefuls are my things I have high hopes for in the fall!

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Summer Favorites


Biker Shorts

My sister actually introduced me to this trend and I hated it when it first appeared. However, I started to see more styling with oversized tees or blazers and I slowly started to get on board. I “dove in” with these $5 biker shorts (that aren’t see through!) and are actually from the girls’ section. I am wearing the size XL and am normally a size 4 in jeans! I like how they can be surprisingly chic paired correctly- I’m excited to pair them with sweaters for this SoCal fall!

Pimple Patches

Again, I was majorly skeptical about these when they first started to be plastered on social media but, after my skin totally freaked after moving, I was willing to try pretty much anything. To my surprise, they worked! Although, you do have to have a freshly popped pimple for it to really get on in there and dry it out quickly. I haven’t done much research on the harshness it is on your skin, so I’m not advocating for this being your everyday skincare routine but, they really do work in a pinch. I have tried the brand Mighty Patch.



I’m sorry! I had to add this! It was truly the highlight of my summer and I recommend it at any opportunity I have. Read more about it here.

Initial Necklace

When I bought this $12 initial necklace from Amazon Prime, I had no idea that it would very quickly become one of my most worn jewelry pieces. The pendant is great quality, but admittedly I changed the chain because I wasn’t the happiest with the one that came, but still so worth it in my opinion! Goes so great on its own or in any layering combo.


Hair Accessories

I think this has been on my favorites list in some form or fashion for the last few seasons. I loved/am still loving headbands, head scarves, barrettes, hats…basically anything that will dress up your head (lol). I have loved this scarf, this has been my FAV headband and these hair clips are awesome!


If you are of age to drink alcohol (and you drink!) and you haven’t tried cider, you must! It has quickly become my drink of choice! It doesn’t have that nasty beer aftertaste, it has the wine crispness but not the heaviness and sometimes tastes like champagne. Love it. If you are Texas based, I definitely recommend Austin East Ciders-my favorite flavor is the blood orange!

Fall Hopefuls



I AM SO HERE FOR SNAKESKIN! Seven Dials Shoes sent me over this pair and they are seriously my soul shoe (I mean look at that heel, that color!!). They’re perfectly on trend this fall, but will also take you throughout every other season!!! Be on the lookout for snakeskin this fall, it think it’s going to be EVERYWHERE. They also carry these boots and I am dying over the statement they make.

Solid Color Nails

It’s no secret that I have been a big fan of nail art in the past, but something about short, clean, solid color nails has been reeling me in lately. Maybe it’s just how put together and classy they look with a sweater and jeans, or something else, but I am very excited to have some clean and polished manis this season.


Slip/Midi Length Dresses

In the past, I have avoided anything midi length like the plague, BUT lately it has definitely become my silhouette of choice. I purchased a few midi slip dresses and I am so excited to wear them alone and layer them up this fall! I think nailing the midi trend is all about the shoe choice-I will speak more on this soon!

Eternity Rings

I have never been a ring girl up until the past few months. I am loving all of the eternity rings popping up lately. Out with the pendant ring and in with the more simplistic all around band. I have my eyes on this one and this one (both prime finds!)

Layering with T-Shirts

I have been very vocal in the past about loving a white t shirt; however, they have almost always just been stand alone pieces for me. I am excited to take some of my favorite camis and spaghetti strap dresses and pop them over tees to make them fall and office appropriate. This is one of my favorite layering tees.

I would love to know the trends you are looking forward to this fall!

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