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Storage Solutions for a Small Space

Storage Solutions for a Small Space

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If you follow me on Instagram (or just around real life) chances are you’ve caught wind of how one of the biggest stessors regarding my move was downsizing my closet/storage space. Granted, I still do have a closet which is already much more space than many have, it was still a lot less than anything I’ve had in Texas (where it feels like they basically give square footage away). I knew finding ways to organize and utilize the space I did have was worth spending money to me, so I did my research, got my measurements and began to Amazon Prime. These are thing things I bought and kept to help me solve my lack of storage.

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Velvet Hangers

These were probably the most important part of really utilizing the space I was given in this closet! When setting out to choose things for the space I knew I wanted really thin hangers, but I also knew that I didn’t want metal/wire and I wanted them to be completely uniform. Let me just say, if you haven’t made the switch over to velvet hangers-I HIGHLY recommend. I always thought they they were just boujie and for the aesthetic, but they are awesome. My clothes don’t fall off the hanger ever and the hangers are so thin that no space is wasted. Plus, they are not hard to find if you need more. I ordered 200 and have probably about 170 hanging in my closet at any given moment and honestly for how much I love them (and I’m cheap!) they are a great price. I use these for my blouses/tops, jackets/blazers and dresses.


Hanger Hooks

These go right along with my utilizing space comment above. I probably fit around three times the amount of clothing in my closet because of these. All of my blouses and dresses are stacked based on color and similarities and it has made not only fitting everything but also being able to find what I’m searching for a breeze. I bought these because they were the best deal and they fit around the hanger and holder additional hangers super well. I use these to layer my blouses and dresses.

Pant Clips

These actually attach perfectly to the velvet hangers to great bottom hangers and they blend right in so it looks like the hanger was made that way. I was actually able to fit two, sometimes three pieces per two clips. I use these to hang up my skirts and fancy shorts.


Step Hangers

I actually wasn’t going to get these, but after finding mine at Goodwill (always look resale!!!) I am so glad I did. They are slightly unconventional, but obviously huge space savers. I use these to store my denim shorts, denim skirts and my silk/satin scarves.

Double Closet Rod

I had no idea something like this even existed before I came across it on Amazon and then I was naturally skeptical, BUT this adds an entire additional rod of hanging space in my closet. It doesn’t sway too bad, but I wouldn’t put hings you constantly reach for on it! I love it and (at risk of sounding like a broken record) it really maximizes my space. It also doesn’t take away any space on the rack it hangs from. I hang my crop tops/tanks, my skirts, shorts and scarves from this rod!


Under Bed Shoe Storage

The biggest thing that stressed me out while downsizing? Shoe storage. I knew that I would have to utilize the under the bed storage that we do have for my shoes (issue). This particular one isn’t the most high quality one on the market, but I have used that to my advantage. Since the pockets for shoes are just fabric dividers and not structured/reinforced, I was actually able to fit in more shoes than only 24 pair. I store my sandals, sneakers and flats in these!

General Under Bed Storage

This is very similar to the under bed shoe storage above, however it’s just an open area. Again, it’s not the most amazing quality but I don’t need to access them a ton so it’s perfect for why I purchased it! Also, I do think it’s worth mentioning that we have a queen bed and are able to fit all four storage containers under the bed. I store fall/winter clothing and boots in these!

Stacking Drawers

I’ve actually had these for over four years! Mine are an older style, but still the exact same thing! If you need plastic drawers DO NOT buy the Walmart ones if you can avoid it! These have held up beautifully and the drawers haven’t warped and they glide just as well as day one. I have four medium sized drawers and two small ones. I also like that these are stack-able because they can be put wherever! I have a medium sized drawer for swimsuits, workout wear, random beauty products and my makeup and a small drawer for lipsticks and hair ties/bobby pins.

I also have a dresser (from Facebook Marketplace!) that holds my pajamas, bras/undies/socks, t-shirts, athleisure and pants/jeans as well as a jewelry box for my jewelry (obvi) and my hair accessories and a top shelf in my closet that holds hats, purses, belts and hair and skin product.

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