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San Diego Travel Diary 2

San Diego Travel Diary 2

It almost feels odd to create a travel diary for a place I’m gearing up to move to, BUT we had a ton of fun exploring this trip and I felt it would be wrong not to share! Here is my first travel diary for San Diego!

The first few days we basically just laid low and tried to achieve my main goal for the trip: finding an apartment! We did find one and it is PERFECT. I talked a little more about it here.


On the first Friday I was there, we parked at Liberty Station and rode Jump Bikes (so fun) over to the Maritime Museum! Josh was hyped, but I didn’t quite know what to expect. I’m a big history nerd though and it ended up being really fun and interesting! We were there for a few hours and honestly, learned a lot. It wasn’t childish or ‘dumbed down” and quite a few of the boats were the real deal such as an actual submarine from the Cuban Missile Crisis. I love learning about history when I get a taste of part of the actual thing.


The next day we went to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market which may be one of my top five favorite places in the world. If you ever get to go, you MUST try the oranges, the hummus and the (fig!) greek yogurt. UGH. My mouth is watering like crazy right now just thinking about it. It’s huge, full of fresh snacks and young, hip people.



After we went to Shake Shack because apparently all of the healthy, fresh food didn’t tie us over. AND THEN we went to Cabrillo National Monument which was one of the most beautiful views ever. We went on a clear day and could truly see for miles. It was fun to sit and people watch at the top with the incredible views, BUT be sure to head down to the bottom where the tide pools are for the cliff view (which I may have loved even more)! The tide pools weren’t visible for us, but it was still a billion times worth it especially if you love a good view.


To wrap up my first weekend there, we decided to make a beach trip. It was allllllmost warm enough to actually fully enjoy the beach, but, by the end, I was covered in goosebumps. The two times I’ve actually visited the beach in San Diego we have gone to Mission Beach and it’s lovely, but PACKED. It’s the kind of beach I envision when I think of tourist California. (;

That evening we decided to go on a date to our favorite date spot. We ventured down to Old Town and used our groupon to get $30 of Mexican food for only $15. We really know how to have a good (cheap!) time, haha!! Jokes aside, I really recommend. Cannot beat the price and ambiance at The Alamo Mexican Grill. Plus, walking off your drinks is fun through the streets of Old Town. There’s always something to see!

The next morning I had breakfast with a friend from high school! We ate at Breakfast Republic and oh my gosh…SO good! I the croque monsieur-egg benedict combo and an Oreo coffee and ate/drank every last piece. We did a bit of laying low throughout the next week…I visited the mall, we planned for our future apartment and caught up on our t.v. shows, but by the time the next weekend rolled around we had big plans!

Josh received a brunch recommendation and I am SO glad we took it. We dined at Brockton Villa and it was amazing food with an even better view. I swear we gushed about the view at least a hundred times during brunch. If you’re visiting San Diego, you MUST go. Amazing views, we didn’t have a crazy wait and it wasn’t super expensive

After brunch we drove over to the Torrey Pines Gliderport and watched people literally hang-glide off the side of a cliff! Insane, but also something I may want to try one day. We noticed that there were a ton of people parked in the parking lot, but nowhere to be found, so we walked over to the edge of the cliff (lol) and realized there is an AMAZING beach at the bottom. I am absolutely DYING to visit.


We then went to Balboa Park which Josh didn’t think I would enjoy, but I did! I can’t wait to visit The Old Globe for some shows (and maybe one day work!!) and the museums. My favorite part to walk through though were the Gardens!

To wrap up my trip we decided to take a mini road trip to see the iconic poppies aka: the California Superbloom in Temecula. We had no idea what to expect and what we got was definitely not what we expected! We couldn’t drive directly to the flowers because of the sheer amount of people…we had to park around five miles away and be bussed to the location for $10 each. In both of out opinions, it was very worth it, but also VERY hot and very packed. The flowers were amazing and I’m so glad I got to see it because apparently it’s not nearly as spectacular annually.

It was seriously an amazing trip and it has me so excited to move. It’s becoming very real especially since we’ve found a place to call home!

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