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San Diego Travel Diary

San Diego Travel Diary

I got to spend my birthday and the New Year in San Diego this year! My boyfriend currently lives in San Diego, so I got to visit his new home for the first time. I had the best time and truly left my heart in SD.

Now for a big announcement…I’m planning on moving to San Diego summer of 2019! I am so excited!!!!!! I think this is a great move for my relationship, my career and my youthful spirit of adventure (; It is a HUGE move for me, but I am so excited to dive in. Alexa, play California Gurls.

Now back to this trip…like I said, it was amaing, BUT basically everything that could’ve gone wrong, did. However, we had so much fun laughing about our “what nows”.

Day One:

Dress: Zaful (sold out) | Bag: Fossil

Dress: Zaful (sold out) | Bag: Fossil

I flew in VERY early through a bunch of rain, so landing in sunny California was exciting. I did nap for the better part of the afternoon, but that evening we got all dressed up for a night out! I was dying for Shake Shack so we drove down to La Jolla and went to the restaurant located in the Westfield UTC Mall which is HUGE and gorgeous. I think the shopping here would be awesome.


After, we went to see The Year to Come at La Jolla Playhouse which was so interesting as well! I actually wrote a research paper on this theatre a month before so it was so exciting to see it in real life! I really recommend the theatre in this area!

Day Two:


It was my birthday! Josh woke me up with presents and mimosas which was the absolute sweetest. We drove over to Liberty Station to try and find bikes to ride to downtown, which ended up being kind of a fail… It took us forever to actually find bikes, but once we found them, they were so much fun to ride. This is actually something I can’t wait to do again! I feel like all of San Diego is designed to be outside which is incredible.

We rode them all the way down to Seaport Village then began walking and sightseeing. I am also really excited to get to return to see this area in more detail. We then walked to the Gaslamp Quarter to look for some food for a late lunch. We ended up going to Rockin’ Baja Lobster and honestly, I would not recommend. The food was way expensive and not very good.


After (and while) we ate, I got an awful headache so unfortunately we had to wrap up our day early and head home for the evening. On the way home, we got a gluten free cinnamon roll from Starry Lane Bakery (because it’s a birthday tradition) which was actually AMAZING.

Day Three:

I think this may have been my favorite day of the trip. We went to the farmer’s market in Little Italy which they have EVERY WEEK. I am so excited to drag Josh out weekly once I move (jk, he totally loved it too!) If you are visiting, I definitely recommend. The oranges were literally the best I’ve ever had and we had AMAZING gluten free cheesecake which is almost impossible to find. It is MASSIVE and so much to browse and sample.


Josh also made plans to drive out to Cabrillo National Monument, but it was closed because of the government shut down we were so bummed! But we got to see the amazing views on the way up!

We then went on a beach walk at Mission Beach which was such a cute area. The California beaches are a dream. I can’t wait to bask in the sun when it gets warmer! I was COLD (basically the entire trip) but there were people in the water, which was baffling.

We wrapped up day three at Sunset Cliffs which I absolutely recommend. It was so romantic and truly beautiful. It was very cold though, so take a blanket! This was my favorite day and we didn’t spend any money on our activities!

Day Four:

We started our day off at Better Buzz Coffee which was something I knew I wanted to do before I even got to San Diego. Is that lame? Planning to visit coffee shops? It was GOOD, and we went back multiple times. I introduced Josh to Acai Bowls and honestly, I think these were the best I’ve ever had. They are the cutest (most instagrammable) places and exactly what a coffee shop SHOULD be.

la jolla.JPG

The then went down to La Jolla to explore the small boutiques and photo galleries (I recommend the Dr. Seuss one! Super cool!) and visit the sea lions. I love this area soooo much and every single restaurant we passed I was like “we need to try that and that and that…”

We ended up eating at Burger Lounge for lunch, which is a San Diego based burger joint and a quite good one at that!

That evening we went to Old Town for dinner and drinks and walked around forever trying to decide on what to eat. We stumbled upon a dance party with live Latin music and watched everyone dance (maybe next time we will be brave enough to actually join in!)

We ended up finding a Groupon (haha, don’t expect anything less from me) and ate a feast at The Alamo Mexican Cafe for $15. I had the strongest Sangria of my life. We seriously had a great time that night!

Day 5 & 6:

I’m putting these two days together because we basically had the exact same plans both days, because the first day basically everything got canceled because of the weather.


We had plans to go on a three hour whale watching excursion and on day 5 we got 45 minutes out and had to turn around due to (scary) weather. It was rough and half of the people on the boat were soaked. They gave us rain checks to come back the next day, so we returned to spend the full 3 hours on the boat, which we actually got to do, but lo and behold, not a whale in sight. It did end up being a pleasant ride though and PERFECT weather.

Then on both days as well we had a kayaking trip planned as well BUT the bad weather day 5 we canceled because hello…bad weather? And the perfect weather day 6 they canceled because of bad weather, which we still don’t quite understand.


We spent my last evening in town on Coronado Island which was probably my favorite area overall. If we were millionaires this is where I’d want to live. We ate at Coronado Brewing Company which we both really loved and, for the atmosphere, was not a bad price at all.

Overall, I loved San Diego even more than I initially thought and I cannot wait to become a resident very soon!

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