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Not Your Normal, Last Minute Gift Guide

Not Your Normal, Last Minute Gift Guide

I know blogs are LITTERED with gift guides currently, and while I've used a few of them for inspiration, they can be pretty overwhelming. I wanted to write a post with things that I personally own and love that I think would make great gifts (and that aren't the exact same thing that everyone else is posting!) A few of these things were sent to me months ago, but absolutely none of this is sponsored!


A Box Of Freakin' Cookies

I think this is the perfect gift for someone you won't get to see in person this holiday season. You can purchase a gift card, a single box or even a subscription so they can get cookies delivered to their front door from The Best Box Ever Bakery. And I can tell you myself that they are so so so yum (not to mention so so so cute!!!) Original post here. 

A Pair Of Really Fun Earrings

I don't know about you, but it's so much easier for me to spend more money on jewelry for other people rather than myself. But, people always get fine jewelry, which there's nothing wrong with, but I think it's so fun to give someone a statement piece to wear, maybe even something that would look amazing on them, but they would never buy themselves. This pair is from The Rose and Honey Shop and you can use the code Hannah20 for 20% off and free shipping! Original post here.


A Watch

My favorite luxurious item to receive is most definitely a watch. I remember I begged for a 'boyfriend watch' for so long and I was over the moon when my dad got me this one for my 14th birthday (I still wear it and I lovingly call it my first born) I think the selection of Jord watches are really great as well because they really are the it thing at the moment. I love mine. I think it's truly a great casual watch, but they have some really great dress up options. They also have great picks for men, my dad owns this one and loves it. 


A Photo Shoot

I think this is a phenomenal gift idea for mom: find a great photographer and book a session for your whole family! Photos with everyone together are so special and will last a lifetime. Not only will your mom (and everyone involved) get special photos but the entire family gets to get dressed up and take photos together which is a memory itself. 

Linked are a few of my favorite photographers! D.Riley.G Photo, C Henderson Photography, Reed Gallagher


A Gift(card) From Minted

This is probably one of my favorite. Ever since watching Gossip Girl, I swore I was going to have an art collection one day and this piece was one of the first I ever bought. I think Minted has so much to offer any kind of person, but mostly stuff that people wouldn't purchase for themselves. Plus, I feel like a gift card from here seems a litttttle more personal than a classic Visa.


Whether it's for a sports game, a concert or a musical I think creating plans to look forward to on Christmas makes the day last just a little longer. It's the perfect time to splurge, plus it's a easy way to give YOURSELF plans too, if ya know what I mean! 

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