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New Mexico Travel Diary

New Mexico Travel Diary

It feels like forever ago when I was actually in New Mexico and I so wish I could go back (I may actually be sooner than I thought!!) This isn't a normal travel diary (like these) as it wasn't a normal trip because I was meeting the bf's family! So, this is just some of the extra sight seeing we did along the way! Plus, there will be some fun personal pics throughout too!

Rio Grande River

On my first real day there, after meeting a lot of his great family, we decided to drive around and take a little walk to the river at sunset and it was definitely one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. One thing I really noticed and loved about New Mexico is how many random and somewhat unofficial trails they have. Everyone is so outdoorsy. Anyways, once we got down there we spent a long time laughing about self timer photos (which these were!) and listening to cyotes howl.

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks

The next day we all did the Tent Rocks hike! Before we left Texas this is what I was most pumped to see and it ended up being a pretty cool. I was really into walking between the huge rock walls. (my bf is a geology major and I am so sure he could have said that much more eloquently than me haha) But, be warned if you ever do this, your shoes will fill up with sand rather quickly. 

Later on that day, we went to a bar for ciders and that was an EXPERIENCE haha. There were these very intoxicated older people bumping and grinding in all sorts of different ways and lemme tell ya, it was some entertainment. 

Drive Through the Jemez Mountains

This was another definite highlight (let's be honest, it was all great) BUT one of the huge reasons it was is because we didn't have any solid plan as to what we were going to do. Most of the photos above were from us just pulling off to the side of the road and exploring and we had a blast walking along rivers and jumping on rocks like children. 


Bandelier National Monument

Okay, before I get all dramatic...this was really rad. We got to see legitimate Native American housing that was carved to the insides of mountains. Now on to how my boyfriend almost killed me... I am a Texas girl. I mean, I'm not a bad hiker and I've done a bit of it, but my altitude consistently stays well below a thousand. Needless to say, I got VERY out of breath AND we left the water in the car AND on top of get ANYWHERE you have to climb these huge ass latters, (like literally that huge one above was one of FOUR just to see that part and if you go up you must come down.) I survived, but I was a hot mess who made their lovely boyfriend swear that he wouldn't tell anyone and now it's on the internet (:

But, other than that, it's really awesome and worth the visit only as long as you bring water. 

Albuquerque Botanical Gardens

Okay, I was ignorant before because I did NOT thing that so many plants could thrive so well in the desert. But, the photos above can speak for themselves. It was amazing weather and apparently early May is the PERFECT time to visit. Literally everything was blooming. 

Old Town Albuquerque

I am a sucker for small town square's across the U.S. and this one didn't let me down (it just added a Latin flair.) Tons of shops full of turquoise everything and even a pretty rad rattlesnake museum. I also liked how everything wasn't outrageously expensive.

kiss edit.jpg

Sandia Crest

Okay...out of everything this was my all time favorite part and it would've been just because the photos I got from it. BUT, it was also my last day there so it was super dramatic and we went at sunset so it was very romantic. What you can't see is I was freezing and seriously shaking because it was like fifty degrees! Haha, but was perfect and I absolutely recommend especially in the evening. 

That pretty much covers it folks! I was shocked at how much there was to do and see here! I really did have a great time exploring and I'm counting down the days until my next visit (which are hopefully very few!)

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