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My Time In Georgia

My Time In Georgia


This past week I had the opportunity to spend four days in Georgia, and my goodness, it was very much appreciated. I didn’t really know what to expect. Georgia isn’t really one of those states a ton of people would consider a major travel destination, but that needs to change. I fell in love with the entire state and I cannot wait to return. I flew into Atlanta and spent the first night close to there, but then travel north near the Georgia/South Carolina border! The hiking is perfect and the towns are precious. Below are some of my favorite spots!

Bell Mountain

This is actually the mountain that our cabin was on (our view was the first photo in this post and completely breathtaking!) but, the above photos are from the overlook. We went on a cloudy morning so, unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice because it was that gorgeous.

The drive up to this overlook, and also our cabin, is not for the faint of heart. It is so steep you can hardly see the road in front of you, not to mention only one lane with constant curves. I’m normally completely calm on mountain roads but this one had my palms sweaty!

A cool part about this overlook was all of the graffiti! It was cool to see it on such a natural background! You can drive to this summit, but we didn’t know the conditions so we decided to walk the last 300 feet and it was ROUGH. I thought it would be fun to run it and I just about died! So, drive to the very top!

High Shoals Falls

This hike was by far my favorite part of the entire trip. I felt so legit! Haha! It wasn’t the easiest hike in the world, coming in at around four miles round trip if you wanted to see both falls with a few moments of quite steep paths. At a moderate pace, it took us around two hours and to me, it was very much worth it!

May was the perfect time to visit Georgia with all the hiking because although it was warm outside, the path was very much covered by trees and if it were anymore cool I would have been cold! There were almost no parts of this trail that were in direct sunlight.

If you do hike this trail, make sure to take both sides of the fork to see both falls! It’s well worth it!

Horsetrough Falls

These falls were really fun! The hike was short and easy, less than two miles from our car to the end! However, the drive to it is quite a long way from the main road! Also, it’s really easy to get really close! I actually got to touch the rock wall! I recommend if you want a short hike with a gorgeous end!

Alpine Helen, Georgia

This was my big tourist moment of this trip! We stayed in Hiawassee, which was about 20 miles outside of Helen, but Helen was the closest interesting town so we spent two nights exploring it! It is exactly what it looks like: a little German town in the middle of Georgia right on the Chattahoochee river! Every building was so colorful and it had the cutest shops. It was quite the time.

On our first night driving through, I requested that since we were in a notable ‘German’ town, I had to have German food. We stopped in at The Troll Tavern and I order the Reuben (photo above!) and it was really, really good. When in Helen, right? Since this first night was a weekday and it was technically considered off season, the town pretty much closed by 6 so we didn’t get to do much exploring the first night.

We went back on Friday after our hikes and the town was much more vibrant than before. We stopped and had dinner at Hofbraushaus, which is supposedly the most famous restaurant in Helen, but if I’m being honest, I much preferred the other one! One thing that was very cool was the MASSIVE pretzels, it was bigger than my face!

After eating, went went through all the local shops and it was fun to see all the thing the locals make, especially all of the food! You could eat yourself sick in this town with all of the sweets! We also stopped into Betty’s country store which was adorable and again, full of yummy treats. Definitely stop in to pick up some of the town’s favorites!

Begin planning your trip to Georgia today! It’s so fun and beautiful and will not break the bank!

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