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My Spot in the Blogging World

My Spot in the Blogging World

Soooo, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I got a littttle (in the words of Gabby Whiten) spicy on my stories last week and I wanted to create a post that housed all of my thoughts cohesively in one place.

Before I really dive in, I want to clarify: I am not considering myself a sustainable blogger by any means. To the root of it, that is not exactly what this is about. I try imperfectly and I think the fact that it’s on my heart is important, however I would not claim that ANY part of my life is 100% sustainable. Although I will go on to say that there is an issue if a closet if full of things that will only be worn once. I care about creating a long life for my clothing and when I have the opportunity to give an article of clothing a second life through thrifting, it’s much more rewarding, in my opinion.

So, essentially what my ‘rant’ was about is the unbelievable amount of NEW NEW NEW pushed on everyone on the “influencer/blogging” space. Even hopping on Instagram became toxic for me because every time I did, I saw these huge unboxings or try-ons with tons of new pieces. This became a daily occurrence and I began to question my spot in the space. Is being fashionable now strictly based on the newness of your closet? Is what I’m saying not relevant because I can’t link the precise item? I started this space because I LOVE the creativity that came with the it. I have always been very clear on the fact that over half of my closet is thrifted and I re-wear almost everything multiple times for years on end, however; I was getting scared that because I have a blog I was pushing the need for new on all of the people that follow me which is something I NEVER want to do.

I do not want to be hypocritical though, I do like try-ons and have posted them, I do post shop-able links (that provide me with a small commission), I do like designer pieces, I do shop at Target and Forever 21 and I do not see an issue with any of these things. It’s the excess and pushing these extra things as a necessity. No one needs clothes to make them a better person. I feel like fashion makes me better because I get to stretch my creative wings when it comes to getting dressed and I feel more confident when I spend time on myself. But, I do not need it. The only thing I need to do is be a human, hell…I could be naked (but I will spare the both of us).

I am also very aware of the fact that this is a business. I believe these ladies that post these try-ons do come from a good place, but because this is their job, this is what they have to do and I would never want to thwart another woman’s grind. However, I have a pretty decent understanding of this industry and I know what it can do to me mentally, so I can’t imagine how someone may feel if they believed that this was the norm. That is not my norm whatsoever. I have lots of student loans to pay off, I am a freelancer and I have an extremely limited budget for clothes.I really want to respect where my money is going as well as get good value on the things I am investing in whether that’s a $2 buy or a $100 buy. This is my norm and I want my blog and Instagram page to reflect that. I am not trying to hate, I just want what I’m putting out there to be a true reflection of who I am.

So, I want to be as helpful and uplifting as I possibly can on this page. I re-wear my clothing often. Quite a few of the prominent pieces in my closet weren’t even purchased new and I think I can still provide inspiration and helpful links based on those things. I do have a shop my closet tab for someone who may want precise or closely similar pieces for a good price point. I just want to come from a place of honesty. I enjoy shopping, but I do not have shopping sprees weekly. This is my ‘normal’ and I think it may be quite similar to a lot of women’s normal out there as well. I want to show that you CAN be fashionable on a budget, you can re-wear pieces and still have awesome outfits, you can create a closet that lasts if you invest in things you love and fashion can still be a place of creativity > consumerism.

I was honestly afraid to post anything, but I guess it just came as a breaking point. I also do want to say that I have evaluated who I am following and if it’s positive if my social media feeds can produce these feelings. I did go on a small “follow-purge” which was necessary for me. I want to be following people that push me to love what I have and make purchases that go a long way. Although, I was scared to post, I got an OVERWHELMING response of people who feel the exact same way. I have never gotten that many replies on something ever and it was amazing to be surrounded by a bunch of women that completely agreed and had been feeling similar to how I have been. Yesterday I had some of the most amazing and uplifting conversations I have ever had through Instagram.

On one of the slides I also put a response box to what I could do better to which I got some awesome replies. Like:

New Follower. Show us how you look presentable with a small budget…

I am so excited to welcome new followers! I do try to show how I get good finds, (maybe check out my shopping guides here) but I also want to be better about sharing how much I personally paid for everything during ootd talk-throughs on my story! Being presentable on a small budget is such a huge part of my platform and I want to get better about it everyday!

Posts that style one piece different ways

I agree!! This is actually a new series I am starting on my blog and I just recently posted my first part featuring all the different ways I’ve styled peasant blouses! You can check that post out here! What are other items you would be interested in seeing styled different ways?

Discuss capsule wardrobes

I have not done this in the past, and I won’t lie and say that I really have a capsule wardrobe, however I do have staples I reach for every season and would love to start sharing those! I think a capsule wardrobe is all about have awesome staples!

Overall, I really wanted to refocus who I am in this community to be true to my norm. I can fall into the ‘new’ trap too. I love fashion because it’s just another way I can stretch my creativity daily and I genuinely hope my platforms reflect that as best as possible. I will continue to share links that I believe are helpful, but please help guide me in the right direction if they aren’t. I want to be fulfilled creatively through fashion, not a blind consumer and I want to help other people feel good when they get dressed no matter their budget.

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