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My Random Amazon Purchases + Wish List

My Random Amazon Purchases + Wish List


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So, to begin…I LOVE AMAZON. My mom and I were actually raving to family the other day on how much use we get out of Amazon Prime. We kind of live far away from any large stores so having basics like toilet paper or paper towels delivered to us is a huge luxury. I enjoy Amazon because you don’t have to go on an in store search. There’s nothing worse than searching for a hard to find brand in stores OR driving from store to store try to track down the best deal for a basic. So, without further adieu, here is some of the random sh!t I’ve purchased from Amazon recently. From right to left, top to bottom…

Sun Coin Necklace

It’s no secret that I love layering gold necklaces and I bought this one to do just that. I cannot let myself spend a ton of money on these necklaces simply because I use them in situations that don’t protect them (that sounded…dramatic?) This one is a good size, comes on a long chain, but it does have a matte finish- which overall I don’t mind, but it does make it hard to match at times. Definitely worth it for 6 bucks + Prime shipping!

Key Finder

I actually bought this key finder for my brother for graduation. He is constantly losing his wallet so I think he slipped it in there. Other than it being much cheaper than the on brand alternative, this one had great reviews and the battery is actually replaceable which I enjoy. It seems like most others have to be completely replaced when the battery dies. Buying gifts for boys can be so difficult so I am definitely proud of this option.

Pearl Clips

These clips are all over the place and being sold some places for upwards of $40 which I think is bogus (sorry ‘bout it). Here you can get three for under three dollars, However, they are not prime so you do have to wait a bit for shipping.

Travel Jewelry Bag

Since I’d been traveling a bit more this past spring, I wanted to get something to store my jewelry in since throwing it all in a makeup bag just didn’t seem to cut it anymore. I was shocked by the quality of this one since the price is so low. It holds a lot comfortably, but also rolls up so it doesn’t take up a ton of room in a suitcase. I can not only bring all the jewelry I want (and then some) on trips, but I also store my hair accessories in the zipper portion too!

Collagen Powder

I have seen multiple different brands of collagen promoted by influencers and others on Instagram, but was never willing to drop an extra $40 for a small package just to try to curb my curiosity. I found this one for $10 (with tons of amazing reviews) and decided to try. I am hooked! Honestly, I am shocked by the results I’ve seen, most notably through my nail growth/strength and my hair growth. But also, my mom and I have noticed changes in our energy levels throughout the day when we use this supplement in the mornings versus when we don’t. It has absolutely no taste and I just add it to my coffee in the morning!

Patterned Barrette

If you cannot tell from this list…I’m slightly barrette obsessed. I got this barrette for only $1.74 and I also got this one and this one for the exact same price. So cute, so cheap, but they aren’t under Prime, so they did take a little bit of time to arrive.

Makeup Eraser Dupe

This is an exact dupe for the makeup eraser at a fraction of the cost. I own both and they are quite literally the exact same thing. Also, if you have never used one of these I 100% recommend, It removes all of your makeup with only water! I remove my makeup with one of these before cleansing. It is also machine washable!

Straightening Brush

My mom actually bought me this for Christmas of last year, so I’m kind of cheating! I wanted the Vanity Plant one specifically and the cheapest place she could find it was Amazon! This brush doesn’t make your hair stick straight, but it does smooth and give a nice amount of volume!

Satin Pillowcases

This is another trend I was curious about, however; I was NOT willing to give in to the hefty price tag. These were basically the cheapest I could find on Amazon and in my opinion, they definitely do the trick! I have notice much less frizz in the morning and my curls definitely last longer while use these. I haven’t noticed anything drastic in my skin, but I assume that those effects are much more long term. I got the color khaki and it comes through as a champagne/gold.


When it comes to my Amazon Wish List there’s a lot and it is constantly growing. I really love Amazon’s jewelry selection, you can usually get higher quality pieces for a lower price. I’m currently eyeing this bracelet (the bolo style is so popular right now!) and this sapphire ring.

I am also prepping for my upcoming trip to Canada so I am thinking about these packing cubes because our suitcase situation is a little grim. I am also pondering this belt bag (this snakeskin one is also so cute) and this hat for outfit ideas/convenience!

I definitely have some random stuff on my wish list like this extremely high rated face mask and this Instagram famous silk scarf! As well as this summer hat and some bike shorts!

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