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My Hair Washing Routine + Products

My Hair Washing Routine + Products

I feel like over the past few months I have seen a lot about and been in many conversations about hair washing! Which is totally random, but maybe it’s a new trend? I think good hair is always on trend though!

I have always been passionate about how my hair looks. I feel like I’ve had most every style/length in the book and when it comes to washing, I pretty much have always used similar things!

I grew up with using drugstore brands for hair care and never really understood the hype for pricier brands and honestly I still don’t. (I recently got to try Kerastase which comes in at around $40 a pop & I hated it, the moment my hair dried it was GREASY af. You can see my instagram review here).


My favorite shampoo and conditioner combo has pretty much stayed the same for around the past 3-4 years. I use Aussie! Currently, I am using the “Total Miracle” line but I think my favorite out of all of them is the “Moist” line! I have pretty normal/wavy hair and it doesn’t get too dry or oily too easily! But, with this brand I have always found it to make my hair way more shiny and soft!

If Aussie doesn’t work for you, I do also like Tresemme and Herbal Essences (smells the best!) shampoos and conditioners and, for a slightly pricier choice, the OGX brand has always worked great!

I normally only wash my hair every 4-5 days. Some may think that is a long time, but some may think that’s super short! Usually by day four or five I will need some sort of dry shampoo. My all time favorite is this one by Dove, it doesn’t feel super thick and also smells heavenly but currently I have been using this one from Suave which I have liked as well!

Some extra things that I like to use are deep conditioner or leave in conditioner. I would say I deep condition my hair around every 2-3 weeks and I always always use Aussie’s Three Minute Miracle. It is AMAZING + so inexpensive + lasts forever. When I’m not deep conditioning, I like to use some sort of leave in conditioner. Honestly, I have a lot of these and I’m constantly grabbing something different but I think a good one is the “It’s a 10” one!

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