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My Favorite Red Lipsticks

My Favorite Red Lipsticks

My Favorite Everyday Red


Trestique Lip Crayon: Chile RedThis is my everyday red! It isn’t as thick as an average lipstick and has the consistency of more of a balm. I find that I don’t even need to use a liner for this. It is definitely buildable and can just be a sheer wash of color or a solid red. It fades really nicely and it’s more of a poppy red rather than your classic deep night out red.





Night Out Blueish-Red


Rimmel London: Kate 01This is my all time favorite red lipstick. It is so smooth and better than a lot of the high end lipsticks I’ve used. It is so, so creamy and lasts forever. I’ve recommend this to so many people and everyone loves it. It has blue undertones which makes my teeth glow white. I do have to line my lips with this, as any other color but its stunning, I will never go back. It is not a matte and it has a nice sheen to it.






My Favorite Red Gloss


Revlon Colorstay: Shanghai Sizzle:  This is my newest lip obsession! It is the glossiest red I have ever seen and it is so soft. It isn’t sticky at all and it doesn’t flake off. I would want this as a vavavoom color when I’m looking for something high-glam. I really want to try all the other colors!







I was just talking with my family about how much they don’t like bright red lipstick and on this front (and most others) I am proud to be the black sheep. I wasn’t always the biggest fan though, I grew up as a competition girl in dance and had red lipstick smeared all over me almost every weekend in the spring, so for the longest I always associated it with crazy sparkly costumes, but now I always feel so glamorous with a bright red lip, I think it is the easiest way to dress up and outfit. I am a proud bright red lip fan.

What is your go-to red lipstick?

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