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My Favorite Light Pink Lipsticks

My Favorite Light Pink Lipsticks


Hey friends! I talked about in this post how much I have been LOVING light pink lipsticks this season. In the past I would completely avoid them by going with a bold fuchsia or nothing at all, but I cannot get enough this spring and I figured I would round up my top favs!

A little disclaimer...the photo makes each of these colors look way brighter than they actually are! But, all the good info is below so you can completely trust that! Oh and P.S. they are all drugstore (;

(from left to right)

1. Soap and Glory: Sexy Mother Pucker in Rosy Chic

This one is my new go to. I honestly saw it on clearance a few months back and almost passed it it because I had NEVER even heard of Soap and Glory's lipsticks before? But, I am so glad I bought it because it is my new all time favorite lipstick. If you are going to buy one of the five, make it this one. It's not a hassle to put on, matches everything, is the BEST formula (feels like a balm, put has the payoff of a lipstick) and fades beautifully. GET THIS. 

2. Avon: Ultra Color Rich in Toasted Rose

I am loling at the fact that this is Avon. My mom used to sell Avon years ago and this lipstick has honestly been around since those days and still going strong. Great color payoff, super silky and so so so inexpensive. 

3. Milani: Lipstick in Fruit Punch

This one is definitely the brightest of the bunch and not subtle at all. It is somewhere between a fuchsia and light pink. When I want a new lipstick, this is my go to inexpensive brand. Overall it's a solid lipstick for a fun day from a great brand carried almost everywhere. 

4. Wet 'N Wild: Megalast Lip Color in Think Pink

This is the most fickle of the group. Sometimes it's my favorite and sometimes I absolutely hate it. It's thick, it's matte and it is very light pink. BUT, has amazing staying power for the price.

5. Flower Beauty: Petal Pout Lip Color in Coral Crush

I LOVE FLOWER BEAUTY. This is the perfect mix between coral and pink ever. I reach for this constantly and cannot only say amazing things about the lipstick but also the entire line of makeup products. 10/10. 

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