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My (Crazy) Shopping Resolution For 2018

My (Crazy) Shopping Resolution For 2018

Hey friends! This is actually my very first post taken with my brand new camera! When I'm not working with photographers, I get (usually) either my sister or my best friend to take my photos so having this is going to be such a huge help! I had been shooting on such an old camera and I am pretty obsessed with everything this camera can do! I got a Canon Rebel T6i, it's still not like psycho but it does more than enough for me right now and I am more than happy!




Okay, turtleneck are my ish this season. I have been obsessed for a while, but this year it's next level and there are more coming, so if you hate them, I'm sooooooo sorry (well, a little.) This black vest has been such a staple in my closet for yearrrrs, as well as these riding boots! They have both held up so well considering I bought them both in high school! I feel like this outfit has so many staples that can be worn a billion different ways, I mean almost everyone owns skinny jeans, a turtleneck, riding boots and a vest, and if you don't I would recommend every single one.


Okay....for 2018 I don't want to spend over $10 on anything in my closet. Yuhhhhhp. For a total disclaimer, I would say a SOLID 80% of things I have previously bought haven't cost more than $10, so I really feel like I can do it! And no, not everything is going to be thrifted! I find a good majority of things for brand new for under 10! 

 Now...I have a few loopholes:

1. I will still collaborate with brands! Some of the things I receive will inevitably cost more than $10 and I will feature them! It is, however, still a goal of mine to make those things affordable!

2. Swimsuits will be counted as separates, even one pieces. Okay, so literally the only reservation I have with doing this is my obsession with suits, I still purchase them really inexpensively but I don't want them to be see through on the beach. 

3. If someone else buys me something, it doesn't count. Here's lookin at you, mom.

4. I have a gift card sitting in my wallet from American Eagle because I had to return a pair of jeans, I plan on buying a pair of jeans with that GC still. 

But, everything else....under $10! Call me crazy, I LOVE saving money! I plan on updating y'all throughout the year on this! Also, I want to write guides on how I shop individual stores, so let me know if that would interest you!


TURTLENECK: random via thrift (similar) | VEST: Old Navy  | JEANS: American Eagle | BOOTS: Ralph Lauren (on sale right now!!) | EARRINGS: Urban Outfitters (only $5!)

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Hey 2018....

Hey 2018....