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March Instagram Roundup + Life Update + Playlist

March Instagram Roundup + Life Update + Playlist


SUNNIES: Target | DRESS: HM | JACKET: Brandy Melville | SNEAKERS: Nike


SHOES: Target | JEANS: American Eagle via thrift | TANK: Random via Marshalls (similar) | SWEATER: Rue 21 | LIPS: Kat von D (c/o)


TOP: Boutique (similar) | JEANS: American Eagle | Shoes: Target (similar)


SWEATER: similar | PANTS: American Eagle | SHOES: Urban Outfitters (similar)


SUNNIES: Forever 21 | NECK SCARF: Rue 21 (similar, so cute!) | SWEATER: similar


SUNNIES: Forever 21 | SWIMSUIT: Topshop (similar)


SUNNIES: Forever 21 | JACKET: American Eagle via Goodwill | SWEATER: similar | NECK SCARF: Rue 21 (similar) | PANTS: Unknown via thrift (similar)


DRESS: HM | SHOES: Steve Madden


BLAZER: Papaya (similar) | Jeans: American Eagle | LIPS: 


SUNNIES: Target | TOP: Target | JEANS: Abercrombie and Fitch | BAG: Kate Spade


JACKET: American Eagle | TOP: Forever 21 | SCARF: vintage Oscar de la Renta (similar) | LIPS; Flower Beauty in Coral Crush

March was a really, really great month for me. I am honestly happier than I've been in a long time and I am so grateful for that fact. This month I opened and closed a show I assistant directed. A lot of you may or may not know that I am studying theatre in college and this semester I got to assistant direct a piece that truly changed my artistic process and views in the most incredible ways. There are some projects that feel like projects but this one was especially hard to let go, but boy was it riveting. That is also why I've been a bit MIA, that took A LOT of hours from my days.

Also, I know I've talked about relationships quite a bit in the past and I figured since I love being open on here, that I have a new special boy in my life! I barely mentioned it in my last post, but I figured I should talk about it a bit. He is the biggest blessing ever and my favorite surprise. I am sure we will have so many adventures coming up, so be on the lookout...I have never been so excited for a new chapter...pretty much ever.

I will be finishing up this semester within the next month-ish and y'all this is probably the heaviest my course load has ever been. I'm impressing myself, but I have some exciting spring content coming up! Also (at this point I'm just rambling) I've started BBG and everyone makes it look so much easier than it is...IT IS HARD. Send me tips.

DIY with Printiki

DIY with Printiki

Things I've Loved This Winter V. Things I'm Looking Forward To This Spring

Things I've Loved This Winter V. Things I'm Looking Forward To This Spring