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20 things, 21 Candles

20 things, 21 Candles


I'm 21 and that's pure craziness. This is the first year I've felt myself feel like a real adult. I'm making decisions for myself and they don't have to be ran by a long list of people first unless I want them to be (which I usually do) I have done things that have shown pure maturity, things that I could not have even thought of doing years ago. I have closed my eyes and flipped the switch on toxic things in my life, relationships, aged ambitions, crutches. I have stood up for things that I believe in and myself, opening my mouth to fight for me with courage. I have traveled more and laughed more and eaten some amazing food. I have been an advocate within myself for happiness and I have embraced my emotions instead of hiding them away. I have flown by myself, I have had $2,000 stolen from me and got it back again, I have lost a grandparent, I have found work that I love. I have grown. 

1. There is no way you can date someone you think is a bad kisser.  

2. You know you're becoming an adult when you begin to care if your socks, underwear, and pajamas match.

3. Silence can say everything

4. An anxiety text can be way more detrimental than a drunk text

5. If/when you trust people, they can do a lot of damage in your life. Don't stop trusting all people, just that one. Trusting is worth it. 

6. Don't accept an apology, or a favor from someone simply because it will make them feel better if it still makes you feel like crap. Also, don't say sorry unless you actually mean it. It's not a band-aid. 

7. Just because someone is older than you does not mean they are automatically more wise or more kind. Don't give people a free pass on bullying simply because they have a few more years on you. 

8. Hurt people hurt people.

9. Don't let people talk about the amount of money that goes in or out of your life. Chances are they know nothing about it. 

10. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, but if you choose you want to, which is absolutely okay, remember it is an uphill battle. 

11. Let people help you.

12. Is it possible to be friends with exes? Maybe. It is possible to be friends three days after you break up? No.

13. A great loss can make for a greater come back. 

14. Short term goals are necessary for a happy today. It is really hard to remain passionate if you can't see accomplishments, so being able to achieve anything, even the small, is beneficial. you won't be able to get to the big if you can't even do the small.

15. Always always always make a list for the grocery store.

16. Make more grown up eating choice and less child eating choices (but never get rid of them altogether!)

17. You should be able to walk into a decently stocked kitchen and know how to whip up something for breakfast.

18. Listen to what your skin is telling you. Whether it's "drink more water" or "you're too stressed" or "those makeup wipes really suck."

19. God's timing is seriously impeccable. 

20. You can do everything, just not at the same time. 


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