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Gift Guide: Things I Would Actually Like To Receive

Gift Guide: Things I Would Actually Like To Receive


Dainty Necklaces

Initial necklace above here. I have been allll about the dainty necklaces this year and I don’t think they are going anywhere. They’re sweet, really personal and they work for just about every season (plus I think they go with almost every style, so they’re a great bet for gifting!) I am obsessed with this one, this one, and this one.

At-home Gel Nail Kit

I don’t know about you, but I love having my nails done, but hate just painting them because they chip so quickly. However, the nail salon is such an expensive habit. I have heard great things about at home gel nail kits, and given that it’s the exact same thing they use at the salon…there’s no way it could be a great bet. Here’s an article talking about what you need, this kit has great Amazon reviews, and this will change normal nail polish into gel!

Blow-dry Brush

This Revlon brush has gotten AMAZING reviews. I never doubt Revlon, but I’m surprised at just how many people rave about it. I am dying to get my hands on it just to see how it works.


Bag pictured above here. There’s no denying that the evolution of monograms has come a long way over the past few years, however; I LOVE where they’re at now. Dying over this phone case too. Great way to give a really thoughtful gift.

Signet Ring

A chic signet ring has been on my want list for quite a while now. Can you tell that I’m into personizable things lately?? The one pictured above is a good price, a nice size and gold plated. I really like that it’s simple with no embellishments and offers a blocked text option and not just a scripted monogram. I also LOVE this one.


This may just be a me thing, but after not purchasing anything over $10 this year, I am really craving a new pair of jeans. However, I think with someone you’re really close to (and let’s be honest, know their size) jeans are a great option, because they’re a necessity and something that is nice to splurge on. I am currently obsessed with anything Madewell, especially these, these and these.

Straightening Brush

When these came out last year, I was definitely a skeptic. BUT, after seeing Kathleen Barnes using the Vanity Planet one on her stories, I am definitely interested. I like how it doesn’t seem to create stick straight hair, but rather smooth, bouncy hair. I think this would be a great gift for a low maintenance lady in your life.


After catching quite a few flights this year, I realized that having a nice duffel that I knew to reach for every time I traveled would be so luxurious. This is perfect for an on the go girl. The one pictured above is here, and I also love this monogrammed one. Here is one that would be adorable for your guy (or even you).

Phone Case

I have been seeing a ton of bloggers unboxing Casetify phone cases lately on their instagrams and I have been obsessed! They’re so cute! The one pictured above is here and if you want something personalized this one is so rad (I think it would be perfect for my 17 y/o sister!)


Now that I don’t get that first day of school pair of sneakers anymore, my athletic shoes are seriously falling apart! My siblings both own Adidas and they are SO comfy every time I slip them on. I love these (pictured above), but especially these. If you’re a Nike person, these are awesome too!


If you can’t tell, I have been on a jewelry craze and to round it all up…RINGS. I have have these (pictured above) saved on my Instagram since around May. I think they’d match everything and are great quality for the price. However, these and these are just as swoon worthy.

Not Pictured


Since I’m graduating and really starting the grind come January, I am going to need a brand new planner. I LOVE this one, but this one feels SO grown up. This would be a great gift for just about any age.


After upgrading my face washing routine to a Clarisonic, I am really wanting to see what I’ve been missing regarding an electric toothbrush. This one interests me regarding reviews and the price, but I haven’t done enough research to really know. No one will complain about a beneficial electronic.

Blue Light Glasses

I think I have been needing these over the past few months. I have been noticing headaches after staring at the computer for an extended period of time (which is often) and they have been all the rage lately. These are so cute and a stocking stuffer that actually will be used.


I don’t know about you, but my family loves to go into my room for perfume, so my stash dwindles quicker that the normal. I smelled this spray a while back and have not easily forgotten about it (but all of the scents in this line are amazing). Plus a great price.

Spanx Leather Leggings

I saw these on my best friend and they look AMAZING. These would be a great gift for any age. These are the ones I can’t stop thinking about, BUT these camo ones are presh too.

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