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College Room Tour + Cheap Decor Hacks

College Room Tour + Cheap Decor Hacks

ART ABOVE BED: Minted | BED FRAME: diy | COMFORTER: Target | STRING LIGHTS: Target | YELLOW WOVEN BLANKET: Marshalls (similar) | RED WOVEN BLANKET: handmade in Cozumel (similar) | SISTERS PILLOW: Francescas | ENJOY PILLOW: HM | H PILLOW: Michaels (similar) | NAVY PILLOW: JC Penny (similar) | MUSTARD PILLOW: Marshalls | CORAL PILLOW: JC Penny

SHELVING UNITS: Walmart (under $30) | ZEBRA PRINT: Chicfetti (it's FREE!) | CORAL BOWL: unknown | GOLD CHEVRON MUG: Starbucks  | YELLOW PAISLEY MUG: Marshalls | SUCCULENT: Walmart | WHITE H: Michaels | CAT FIGURINE: Garage Sale | MONEY TREES PRINT: here | BOOKS: Random Plays | TEAL BOWL: Marshalls | ROSE KENNEDY'S FAMILY ALBUM: Dollar Tree | BLACK FRAME: Walgreens | PEACOCK FIGURINES: Antique Store | DIFFUSER: Marshalls | THROW KINDNESS PRINT: Chicfetti (also free) | PINK BASKET: Target Dollar Section

MARBLE STAND: Thrifted | MARQUEE H: Michaels | VARIOUS BOOK: Dollar Tree | GOLDEN APPLE: unknown | COLLAGE FRAME: Five Below | PURPLE CANDLE: unknown (similar) | WOODEN ANGEL: unknown | CERAMIC BIRD: Garage sale | LOVE YOU MORE SIGN: Francescas | ROCK HOLDER: unknown | CAKE STAND: The Pioneer Woman via Walmart | JEWELRY HOLDER: Bed, Bath and Beyond | BUDDHA PAINTING: Garage Sale

U.S. PHOTO COLLAGE: Diy here | POM POM BAR: diy | FRENCHIE PAINTING: Marshalls | STRIPED PAINTING: Diy | LIVE LOVE GROW CANVAS: Francescas | GIRL POWER MUG: Marshalls | EARRING HOLDER: gifted (similar) | HOT PINK CABINET: thrifted and repainted | CREPE LAMP: Ikea (I love this thing) | SILVER MIRROR: Ross | ACRYLIC MAKEUP HOLDER: Amazon | LETTER  BOARD: Target Dollar Section

Hey MTV, welcome to my crib. 

LOLOLOL. I have seriously dreamt about being able to say that one day. Mostly as a child...mostly. But yeah, this is where I woke up the majority of my mornings the past two years and for the most part I have really loved this space. I, however; will be moving into a studio for my last five months of school and I am very excited for the new (solo living) opportunity and obviously getting to simply redecorate a new space. 

When I was designing this space I knew I wanted it to be really eccentric with a worldy yet classic vibe and I am pretty excited with how it turned out. My big challenge though was doing it on a budget, BUT like always, having to be tight with my cash proved easier than I expected. Everything in this room cost less than $20 except for the shelves (which were a whole $10 more) and obvi the mattress. 

Going along with the intense frugality, you may notice that a lot of stuff above couldn't be linked simply because it wasn't bought at a linkable store. It was more like begged for, bartered and stolen....KIDDING. More on that below.  


  • DIY can be a really great friend, but also a worst enemy. A few things... if it looks impossible, it probably is. For instance, my bed. For me? Impossible. For my amazing, badass, Bob the Builder mom? Easy. Know your restrictions. Also, price your tools before you begin. Sometimes it really is cheaper to just buy it. However, I made the pom pom decor for around $12, whereas they cost around $60 to buy. Same with my bright pink cabinet, it was fugly but only $15 and paint saved the day. 
  • Thrift stores and garage sales are your ride or dies. I think the things that gave my room a ton of character were the things I got secondhand. Those things also happened to be some of the cheapest. I HATE going to the store and seeing some tiny knickknack, that serves no real purpose, being over five bucks. Sure I want them, sure I like them, but it's just not the best option when thrift stores are STOCKED with awesome stuff. 
  • Beg, barter and steal. Okay this is one of my luck things, but at the time of me moving into my house, my mom was getting rid of a lot of old decor and one man's trash is another man's treasure. Keep your eyes open, people are always getting rid of stuff and a lot of times don't want to deal with the actual getting rid of it part. Plus, people love to help poor college kids. I mean, even for my next space, I got a rug that my boyfriend just didn't need anymore and it'll really jazz up that new area. Also, don't steal.
  • Surround yourself with things you love. This may seem obvious, but hear me out. Plenty of things can be easily dressed up. I love photos of my family and art/quote prints. Photos are hella cheap (and even easy to rotate) and you can print out prints online for free (the website linked above is my fav!) This goes with posters or even your own art. Me and my friend had a wine and paint night and one of the 'art' pieces above is what I ended up with. Plus frames are a dime a dozen at goodwill and jazz everything up. 
  • Don't get caught up in trends, color schemes and pyscho dorm sales. When it comes to trends, the stores know that (for example) white, gold and marble are the, that is what is expensive. However, you can find ways of incorporating the trends you love into a money saver. One tip is that the big things don't have to be the eye catching pieces. For instance, my comforter is the simplest one you can buy at target, but it serves as a great base for my accessories. Same thing with color. My goal was to have all of my colors be cohesive, and I think I did a good job of it. This could also be done with blacks and greys or many shades of blues. Color is much more versatile than most imagine.  And dorm sales...MOST of the time they're trying to sell you ugly, rinky-dinky sh!t. If you can purchase something that will last a while, instead of only a year, it’s  better, chances are you will be moving a lot and some of this stuff may even follow you out of college for a little while. 
  • Lighting is a great way to elevate. As I'm sure you've noticed, my bed lights up and it's rad, if I can say so myself. I really hate normal lighting and I think if you can find a way to make your room have a glowy feel, it'll give it that magazine, 'I -know-that-place-smells-amazing' kinda look. I mean, everyone thinks they look better in lowlight, your room does too. 
  • Make it your own. Here's the inspiring moment. You're literally in college and young for such a short amount of time, give yourself that badass space right now, because it'll just be a little awkward with three kids running around. It can be done frugally, I did it. 
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