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Castillo Co. Jewelry

Castillo Co. Jewelry


This is a somewhat different post but I have never been so impressed with products…ever, so I wanted to give this company a huge spotlight. I did get sent these necklaces a few weeks ago and I have not been able to take them off. They are in constant rotation in my wardrobe. As you can tell, they are very much on trend; showing off the minimalism that pretty much everyone is craving! I want everything from Castillo and Co Jewelry (especially this one, love the druzy effect!) I wanted to really get to show off these pieces up close, but worry not, outfit posts featuring these pieces are coming very soon!

Like I said, I have been wearing them and I wanted to get some solid use before I gave my honest review. I have worn them out day to day, to work out and everything in between and there is not one sign of wear. No tarnishing and the chains are exactly the same as when I first received them. The only thing, and this is totally completely obvious, but store them correctly! Being so dainty, they’re a pain to untangle!

These are the perfect gifts items and I think they’re phenomenal Mother’s Day gifts (Hurry! It’s the 14th!) Skip the heart jewelry this year and get something that’s on trend and will actually last. Plus, mother/daughter necklaces anyone?! You can get quality for an inexpensive item.


So, if we’re being honest…I just never thought I really fit in with the whole ‘choker’ trend. But, given the optional extra length on this one I think this is the perfect way to embrace this trend. I love the rose gold and black combo! It is o much more nineties and way less cheap choker, so last year, amiright?






I think this is my all time favorite piece! If you follow me on my instagram, you totally hear me say I am not normally a rose gold lady but this necklace changed me. If anything ever happens to this one I will absolutely order another one. I feel like this is my staple dainty necklace and I never knew I was missing one. If you’re only going to choose one of the three…choose this one.


If you’re ordering for your mama get this one. It’s fancy and shiny and it will match anything your mom would wear no matter how old. I have definitely seen my mom eyeballing mine…want one, mom? Plus, given the gold component it’ll literally last forever!





***To get 20% off for Mother’s Day use code MAMA20, expires May 12***

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