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21 Things, 22 Candles

21 Things, 22 Candles

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22. (; 21 was such an amazing year through taking huge strides into my ‘adult life.” It was a year of happy growth which was amazing and I welcomed with open arms after a few years of “sad growth”. As a 21 y/o I fell in love, I directed my own show, I lived alone, I got my Bachelor’s degree and so much more. Things happened that I had prayed about for years and it was so rewarding seeing the things I had wanted for so long come to life.

I’m excited for 22. I think this past year I really discovered and got comfortable with who I am and now for this year I can really put it to the test. I feel stronger and so much smarter in the person that I am than I was before.

This is my favorite post to post every year, because I think lessons are the most important thing to take from any experience. We are always learning after all. If you’re interested in these past posts, here’s 21, 20, & 19.

So, here are the big lessons of 22…

1. There are parts of you that are more powerful than you could ever imagine. Your voice means something. 

2. It’s okay if you hate the latest beauty fad. 

3. Saying no to love doesn’t make you a more powerful woman. A strong female can say yes to both the boy and the job. 

4. You have to make the choice one day to really fight to love yourself. Everyone can agree that you have to put effort into relationships and sometimes choose to love, I don’t think the one with yourself is any different.  

5. If you say you’ve forgiven someone, but you still treat them like a monster, you haven’t actually forgiven them.  

6. I truly believe if you don’t let yourself feel the lows completely, you can’t really get how great the mind blowing highs are.  

7. Snakes hide in plain sight a lot of times. Literally and metaphorically.  

8. I think how the way you view food says a lot about how you view the world and your life.  

9. White sneakers go with pretty much everything.  

10. If you need a soul refill, spend a day with your mom.  

11. Sometimes you gotta go all in to get what you want.  

12. Living alone isn’t as glamorous as it looks and you learn a lot  

13. The special moments usually aren’t in the big finale, the special is in the small.  

14. All jeans really do look different on every single body. Also, they’re worth the investment. 

15. The connections that you build can come to benefit you at the most bizarre times.  

16. Loving people shouldn’t hurt.  

17. The older I get, the worse texter I become. 

18. Long distance is so hard, but so worth it.  

19. Crying in airports is a rite of passage and no one really judges that hard. 

20. Notice who doesn’t celebrate with you when your dreams come true. Being there for someone during the best moments is just as important as the worst.  

21. Communication is the most important aspect of maintaining any relationship. People cannot read minds. 

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