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Best In Show: 2017 + A HUGE Self Evaluation

Best In Show: 2017 + A HUGE Self Evaluation

I wanted to round up some of my favorite posts of this year! I feel really proud of my blogging journey this year and I have loved going back to look through them! I took a bit of inspiration from Lauren at Daily Dose of Charm to write this and just round up this year in blogging! Out of 67 posts from this year alone, these are my top pics!


"book of mormon"

To begin, I totally love this outfit. I love all of the textures, I love the tights, I love the heels. But, most importantly I loved this day. I won a raffle to sit front and center to see Book of Mormon on tour and it was so incredible! I have seen my fair share of shows, but being able to be that close in a venue of that size was a really great experience. Plus, when we stage doored all of the actors recognized us from the front row, so freakin cool. I also got to share it with one of my best friends, Ashten, so it was special all around. 


"A Valentine's Celebration"

The photo above is one of my FAVORITE photos I have ever taken. We decided to throw a party for Valentine's Day with the theme of breakfast for dinner and everyone wore their pajamas! It was honestly the perfect day and I think everything turned out so beautiful! Nothing makes me happier than throwing little events and helping everyone have a good time! If you haven't already read this post, I think it's one of my most visual appealing ever! 


"talk is cheap"

These photos are another one of my favorite sets of the year taken by the amazing Dallas (I really feel like today was the day that our friendship hopped to the next level!) but this post has some honest writing in it. I remember how I was feeling at that time and I was so honest with myself in this post. I feel like this is the first time where I held myself accountable for my feelings and wrote about them instead of the just "I'm so fine!"


"Will You Accept This Rose? An Outfit From Day To Night"

Reading this post makes me laugh, because I wrote it like a day after I got my wisdom teeth out and there were so many mistakes in it upon posting (I'm pretty sure I fixed most of them! haha) But this was also the first time I got to work with Sailyn to collaborate! I still need to talk about my wisdom teeth surgery and maybe even post the video because the entire experience was a hot ass mess! 


"What I Eat For Breakfast"

One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2017 was to make an effort to eat breakfast in the mornings and I think I did a decent job of sticking to it this year! During the spring, I pretty much only ate these things for breakfast, it has changed a little over the year but I still love these things!


"My Time In Georgia"

This was such a special trip for me where everything had to go perfect for me to actually go and it did! I had to take all of my finals early to actually even go which wasn't exactly the most simple task, then I took my first flight alone which actually had a severe delay so I had to sit on the tarmac for about two hours, but I finally got there to join my uncle and my mom! We stayed in the most gorgeous cabin on the top of Bell Mountain and did a ton of hiking. It was one of my favorite moments of this year by far. Georgia is stunning and I really hope to go back sometime soon.


"Puerto Rico: What I Did-Part Two"

My trip to Puerto Rico changed my life. I love travel, it changes me, but the things and the people I got to experience and meet in PR were phenomenal. I would recommend to anyone, I think my family left  part of themselves there too and I know we all can't wait to return, which makes the hurricane damage even more heartbreaking. In this particular post, it shows our boat trip to Culebra and our day in Old San Juan which were two of my favorite parts of the entire trip so much wildlife and culture!



This post was one of my most well received outfit posts of the entire year! Y'all LOVED this look and I did too!


"An All E.L.F. Makeup Look"

This post had been on my list for a very, very long time so after a successful post, I was a very happy lady! I don't do a ton of beauty posts, but I really hope that that number goes up in 2018! It's a makeup look that I still continue to do!



Sometimes I still can't believe I chopped nine inches of hair off without thinking about if for like a year first! It was one of my favorite decisions of 2017 and I'm getting it trimmed to this length again next week! I think it's cool to read my thoughts on cutting my hair right after it happened, my anxieties about it seem so minor now, this hair cut is so so so me. Plus, these light photos I think are so cool. 


"Things I Do During The Semester To Keep My Life From Falling Apart"

I do every single one of these things still to keep things together. Plus, it's one of the first of my 'advice' posts which I absolutely LOVE doing. 


"How To Get Over A Breakup"

This is my favorite piece of writing I've done this year. I feel like it's honest, and funny and filled with pretty great advice, I mean I had my fair share of inspiration haha, it's really the first time I talked about relationship fails! Plus, this outfit!!!!


"TBOH's Brand New Look + What's Been Up"

My blog relaunch! I am so proud of the courage it took to do all of this on my own. This is a moment I can look at and say that I am truly proud of myself. I feel that God really gave the right words in this situation.


"20 Things, 21 Candles"

My favorite post every year! So many good lessons from this year and I always love writing about them!!

And now for the fun evaluation! I read these questions on The Chriselle Factor after she did her self reflection post and I thought they were awesome!

What were my best achievements this year?

Honestly, I feel like I don't have a lot to physically show as an "achievement" this year, however; I feel like a huge achievement is how I learned to gracefully accept a "no." 2017 was full of a lot crying because I didn't get my way, but I learned how to let it slide off pretty effortlessly. Also, I feel like I TOTALLY kicked ass in my fall semester of this year. 

How did those achievements make me feel?

Learning how to accept a no made my life about a billion times easier. It helped by realizing there will always be another opportunity right around the corner. And me finally excelling in school felt really, really great.

What were my 3 biggest challenges or obstacles I faced this year? How did I overcome them? Who did I become as a result?

1. Learning how to continue to be a big dreamer, but also adapt my dreams into goals I can accomplish at the moment: for a long time I felt like it was something I had to choose whether or not I would shoot for the stars or be realistic, but in all actuality they go hand in hand. I feel like this made me so much more ambitious and hungry for my future.

2. Learning to accept that my worth didn't come from a list of accolades. This was a hard one. Growing up, I was always that accomplished kid and although my parents NEVER based their love on that, I always somehow associated the love in my life with my accomplishments, so this year (and in years past)  when relationships began to turn, I would always put it on myself, like I needed to be better and that was not the case. I feel like I overcame this, by really feeling like I had nothing to show for my time and I know that sounds terrible, but only then could I look around and realize that these people were in my life solely for me. I love what realizing this has done for me. It can actually make me proud of my accomplishments instead of using them as a payment of sorts for love. 

3. Not letting people's words define me. I care about what people think. I do. I have chosen a career where it really matters what people think HOWEVER, I got into the mindset that if one person said it, the rest of the world must agree and that is so not true. I love that quote that says you can be the juiciest peach in the world and there will always be someone who doesn't like peaches. It is so so so true. This made me more myself. I feel like I'm more myself than I have ever been.

How have I developed or changed as a person?

In a lot a ways. Funnily enough, I feel like I am so much more chill. I could tend to be high strung and I have began to let things pass me by with a lot more ease. I used to let big life things really shake up my world and now I greet them with a lot more acceptance. 

What have I done differently this year? What new people have I met or new experiences have I had?

I have been a TAD more impulsive. I love that I think things through, I really do and I completely believe that impulsive decisions should change your day and not your life, but I have let myself do somethings that were quite zany! (hey haircut) I can't really say I have met a ton of new people this year, but I can say all of my friendships are currently sitting on very solid ground which is amazing.

How much fun have I had this year? Was I fulfilled?

This year was a lot of work, I am not going to lie. I have put in a ton of work toward myself, my future, my career, my blog and I really see it as a building time. It was all bad, but I wouldn't necessarily consider it the most fun part of my life. Do I think I was setting myself up for the most fun part? Definitely. I am fulfilled because I am proud. 

Who has helped me, been influential or impacted my life this year?

So so so many people. My mom is my rock and she helps guide me through life's hardest moments. My girl gang, especially Tanith, she literally lives in my house so so many nights she helped me laugh, cry and sweep up the pieces. I could not have survived 2017 without her, she is my biggest support. Professors in college, they have broken me down and built me back up again and although there were moments I was heartbroken, I understand now who they were trying to help create.

What am I really proud of?

My courage to finally just let me be me and not be embarrassed of my mistakes. 

Is everything I have done this year in alignment with my big dream or goal?

No, because this year helped me FIND my big dreams and goals. So, ending this year I can say absolutely simply because of my hopeless wandering throughout about the first half. 

Happy New Year, friends! Let's do 2018!

Hey 2018....

Hey 2018....

20 things, 21 Candles

20 things, 21 Candles