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Best Beauty Buys of 2018

Best Beauty Buys of 2018


Morphe 15D Day Slayer Eyeshadow Pallete

I ADORE this pallette. I got very into eyeshadows in 2018 and this pallette was by far reached for the most, which is shocking because it’s only $16! The formula is amazing and every color is so pigmented and smooth and I love that this it’s is filled with neutrals so it’s great for everyday wear and also the perfect size to travel with.

Red Earth Beauty Illuminating Skin Fluid (c/o)

I haven’t talked about this product on my instagram or blog yet because I wanted to make sure it was just as amazing as I thought it was…and it is. It’s no surprise that I love glowy, dewy skin and this has become my secret weapon. I put it on under my foundation and it literally makes me GLOW. I never receive more compliments on my skin than on the days I wear this.


Flower Beauty Lip Colors

I couldn’t choose just one. Every lip product I’ve tried from this brand has been AMAZING and so much better than any high end lip product I own. In the Miracle Matte I know this one and this one and in the Petal Pout Lip Color I own this one (pictured above)

E.L.F. Eyebrow Pencil

Every year it seems I go through a new phase for how I want to fill in my eyebrows and for basically the entire year I continued to return to this pencil especially for days I wanted that “no makeup” makeup look.

Skin and Body Care


Clarisonic Mia Prima (c/o)

This is an embarrassing confession, but before this I hated washing my face and didn’t do it routinely. At all. But, now I can’t wait! It’s gentle enough on my sensitive skin, but leaves my face feeling SO CLEAN. Like the face equivalent of brushing your teeth. I definitely think it’s worth the splurge.

Kiehls Facial Cleanser (c/o)

I received this cleanser along with my Clarisonic and have been using them together ever sense. It is the most simple, effective cleanser I have ever used and I have never had that moment of “wtf is this stuff doing to my face”. I love love love it.

Jergens Body Scrub

This body scrub was specifically created to prep you for (fake) tanning and it works so well! In my opinion, it’s the best scrub out there because it has a mix of small and large exfoliating pieces. I use it before I shave and before I tan and it works EXTREMELY well for both.

St. Moriz Self Tanning Mouse

I am so obsessed with this stuff and used it all year. It gives the most gorgeous tan color that lasts and fades well. It is build-able, but after one application you will be noticeably tan, plus SO inexpensive. Itching to start using it this year.


This is the first year I’ve seriously started threading my eyebrows and other less glamourous parts of my face and I am never going back. It truly gives the best shape even though it hurts like a b!tch. I go around every six weeks!

Hair Care


Tresemme Texture Hair Spray

I had never used any sort of texturizing spray before this one and I wanted to try the trend without spend a lot and picked up this one and it did the job perfectly. it gives the perfect oomph to my curls. It’s also amazing that it costs almost nothing.

IT 12 in One Leave In Conditioner

This leave in conditioner is the extra step my hair needs to stay both full and smooth. I use drugstore shampoo and conditioner and this stuff leaves my hair feeling salon quality especially after an at home blowout.

Conair 1.5in Curling Iron

Once my hair got shoulder length, I used this iron nonstop. It makes huge waves with tons of bounce that are also smooth and LAST.

Round Brush

Before this year I absolutely despised blow drying my hair. However, I learned, when I gave my hair a proper blow out, I could go almost two times longer between hair washes. Having a round brush helps me get that perfect blow out volume.

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