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Apartment Design Inspo

Apartment Design Inspo

Ever since Josh and I settled on our apartment in San Diego, I have been completely consumed with everything home design. At first, I was VERY overwhelmed, but the more I’ve thought on it and researched, I discovered what we want our style to be for this place. It’s a cute one bedroom, with updated appliances and a large outdoor patio!

I’ve always had really bright spaces (see my college room tour here) but, we’re thinking we want to go slightly more muted yet still just as fun. Only now we want more adult fun. Errr, maybe sophisticated fun sounds less…dirty. Almost everything I find myself oohing and ahhing over is made out of rattan, so I’m thinking it’s going to be super earthy. I’m drawn to wood tones mixed with strong blacks and whites.

There will be color, especially in our living room, but I think a lot of the ‘fun’ will be revealed through the silhouettes of our pieces. So far, we have purchased this kitchen table and a couch (I’m not sure where it’s from) but we’re looking at these kitchen chairs, this coffee table and this bed frame. Below I am going to share some of my favorite inspiration photos I’ve found via Pinterest (follow my home board here) and also some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow for awesome decor. I know our starter apartment probably won’t look nearly as phenomenal as these, but I’m having so much fun finding ideas.


Although I’m not really doing farmhouse at all, I think Shelby does the farmhouse vibes PERFECTLY. Everything she photographs looks as if it were always supposed to be there. I even followed her recently created, home specific Instagram where she posts much more of the ‘behind the scenes’ of her designs/creations.


I think Sivan’s house may be the place where I found my most initial inspiration. She has a simple color scheme, But embraces such unique textures and patterns that it never looks stuffy. I feel like her house looks like a hotel that I want to stay at, all complete with her outdoor dining area and pool.


Since I have started following Jacey, she has decorated two homes under the hashtag #homesweetdamsel. There you can find her super entricate vintage or vintage looking finds styled perfectly. I’m not sure if we have the funds to nail it this well at this point in our lives, but this is the goal.


This feed is my most recently discovered home obsession, but I want everything. Her designs are so personalized and luxe, but still look like somewhere you’d want to curl up and relax. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?


I love following Abby for home design because her place looks SO GOOD and she’s and her husband are young like us! She shares a lot of things she makes herself (!!) for people on a budget, like me! Like her hanging plant corner is perfect and she posted an entire collection of stories showing exactly how she did it!

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