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An All E.L.F. Makeup Look

An All E.L.F. Makeup Look


hellllllllo, I am coming at ya today to show you how I do an entire face of makeup mediocre-ly  using ONLY E.L.F products!!!! Above are the only things I used during this and yes, they are dirty because I actually use them. (-: I did not buy all of these products at once, however; I did buy a lot of them from their end of spring/winter??? sale, so I scored many of them for under a dollar! Also, while I do own (and love!) E.L.F. brushes, I decided to use some of my other ones for this. I am in no way a makeup pro, so I’m not even going to call this a tutorial because that would probably be embarrassing. Anywaysss, this is how I use what I have and also what I think about it all.


E.L.F. Illuminating Eye Cream ($10)

I woke up like this….and because of that I wish it wasn’t photographed and put online, but there it is. Honestly, y’all could get my best recommendation of this entire post from this next paragraph. Earlier this year, I started really looking for an eye cream because, if you can’t tell, my eye area needs all the help it can get. I LOVE THIS STUFF and I told everyone I could about it. It really does make a world of a difference and on a good day I can get away with wearing just this and moisturizer. It really takes away puffiness and helps reduce dark circles.


E.L.F Foundation Stick  ($6)

This was such a surprise for me. This foundation is pretty full coverage and matte once it’s blended and I really love it once it’s all on. What I do not like is how it feels when it’s being applied, before blending, it feels very thick and a tad uncomfortable. With that being said, I do often reach for this product and I really enjoy it once it’s all blended.


Perfect Blend Concealer  ($2)

Here’s the thing, this is E.L.F’s cheapest concealer and it’s not bad. At all. To start, it smells amazing…like really good. And second, I normally use Urban Decay’s concealer and this really doesn’t fall that far behind. It goes on really thin, but actually blends well and starts to become pretty substantial. I think this guy can really hold its own.


E.L.F Eyebrow Kit ($3)

I used this product religiously for yearssss until someone gifted me the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Really, the only difference to me is the fact that this E.L.F. product gives a more slick finish and it is not waterproof, however; I honestly think that it’s a bit easier to apply and for the price you really cannot go wrong. Although I only use the gel part and not the powder, I love it and my sister (who’s the eyebrow queen) loves it as well.


E.L.F Cream Eyeliner ($3)

Ahhhhhh yesssss, getting closer to normal. This is my favorite gel liner on the market, I own both the black and the brown and have repurchased throughout the years. It lasts and it doesn’t smear upon gentle blinks and it’s not one of those products that dries out literally a week after opening. If you want a gel liner, don’t pay any more than this.


E.L.F Lengthening Mascara ($3)

I am very serious when it comes to mascara. If I am wearing makeup, I am, without a doubt, wearing some. I pretty much always stick to L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara + another random one and this one complements that so well! Although I am lash crazy and my heart belongs to L’Oreal, I have wore this one on its own and it gives such a lengthening look!


E.L.F. Cream Blush ($6)

So, funny thing…when I first tried this product, I used an entire pump and I looked like an eighties mistake. Needless to say, it scared me and I put it up for about a month. When I pulled it back out, I used about an eighth of a pump, dotted it on my face, then blended with a blush brush and the rest it history. I find myself reaching for it at least twice a week! I now love the fact that it’s cream because it blends seamlessly into my skin and helps to achieve that dewy look that I strive for!


E.L.F Essential Lip Stain ($2)

I love the marker style of this because it seriously stays on forever. It’s not a liquid lip in the fact that it’s nothing other than color. I added an E.L.F lip gloss on top so it would have a bit of shine! The Avon lip marker is very similar to this!


And……….that’s all folks! I wore this look all day (as I have mannnny other days before this!) I truly am always so impressed with E.L.F because their products are incredible at such a low price point, I never feel like I’m sacrificing quality. All of these products for under $45 is a steal in my eyes, plus if you order online they offer free shipping to new customers! Let me know what you think and what your favorite drugstore brand is!

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