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5 Concealers - 5 Reviews

5 Concealers - 5 Reviews


As you can probably tell from the photo above, each of these concealers have been USED. Unless a product has an awful immediate reaction with my skin, I like to use it for a while to see what I really think and I have a though about each and every one of these. I have dark circles under my eyes; it's a family thing so each of us has our secret weapon concealer of choice...but I'm still down to try something new. 

ByeBye UnderEye- it cosmetics

Out of the bunch, this is by far the most full coverage. It's probably the most full coverage concealer I have ever used. I use this, but only on rare occasion. The event has to be pretty big for me to even pull it out. Why am I so reluctant if it's so full coverage? It is sticky as hell. Like it feels like it takes forever to even DRY. However, if you're looking for a second layer of skin and a flawless face...this is the concealer for you. 

Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser- Maybelline

When it comes to me, this is the end all, be all of concealers. I have repurchased this five, maybe six times? And no matter how far away I stray, I always come back. It's inexpensive. Great coverage. Lasting. Brightening. Feels good on your skin. I cannot say enough good things about it. I have gotten many people hooked and I haven't really seen a person where this product doesn't please. If you get anything, get this.

Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer- Urban Decay

Pass. This one didn't do it for me. It was thin and didn't last. Many drugstore products have this beat. Worked way better for spot coverage than anything else. It was okay...but I wouldn't ever spend $29 on a product like this.

Morphe Concealer-Morphe

I had really high hopes for this one...I absolutely love Morphe brushes and eyeshadow, so I was hoping their face makeup would back it up, but I was wrong. It's streaky and doesn't sit on the face or blend well and frankly, it isn't worth the $5 I paid. 

Perfect Blend Concealer- e.l.f.

For the cheapest product on this list, I was pretty surprised at how well it worked. Honestly, I would compare it to the Naked one above, which I know I didn't rate too well, BUT if it's only $3, it's a completely different story. Plus, it smells like apricots. This is a pretty good light coverage option. See it in action here. 

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