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18 things, 19 candles

18 things, 19 candles




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Well, I’m 19 today and it’s been a crazy year. I wrote a post that mirrored this last year and I figured I should do it again. I am fully convinced that every single thing that we, as humans, do is a lesson. I know that sounds like some artistic BS, but I believe it with my entire being. We spend however long learning trivial information, but in reality we’re learning how to learn. We’re learning how to talk and communicate and read and write and dance and make people laugh or cry and through all of that it’s all lessons. When you order a new sandwich, you’re about to learn if you want to eat that for the rest of your life or never touch it again, every single day is like that, or at least I want it to be. I may have just said I wanted my days to be sandwiches, but anyway here are 18 big lessons I learned in my 18th year of life.

1. I am thoroughly convinced that missing someone is the greatest sorrow that can be felt.

2. days on earth are incredibly numbered, living everyday like your last gives life an incredible zest.

3. endings are so scary, and beginnings are even scarier.

4. you may as well talk to people, there’s bound to be at least one other person willing to hear you out.

5. take as many pictures as you please, there will always be somebody to complain, but if your lipstick is poppin’, why shouldn’t you???

6. love your friends, adore them. kiss the ground they walk on.

7. volunteering for things gets you far far far.

8. ask for help always.

9. when you’re getting important pictures taken, take the damn ponytail off your wrist. (I’ve learned this way too many times)

10. in the moment, important days can feel incredibly average, don’t forget to take a moment to soak it in.

11. if you have a bad feeling about anything, stay home. unless it’s a final.

12. talk to random people when you’re traveling!!! everyone has an entire lifetime of stories, take advantage!!!!

13. you should probably do the dumb touristy things too, it kinda sucks if you miss those.

14. honor the people you love, when someone does the extraordinary for you, tell them. Tell everyone.

15. feeling like you’ve backslid in your relationship with God is so scary. keep trying, sometimes the obstacle is just getting through that rough patch.

16. talk to your friends until 5am, you learn a lot (and laugh a lot) ( and probably cry too)

17.  getting constantly rejected by things you love hurts, bad. The only thing you can do is keep on keeping on.

18. the world is absolutely gorgeous. the people around you are beautiful and talented, suck it up.

here’s to hoping 19 has many fun lessons to live through!!!


“we are struck down but not destroyed” [Corinthians 4:9]


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