Wassup, I'm Hannah.



What I Wear. 

Everything. I am infamous for trying to make anything work. I love color and I don't shy away from the out there. I thrift. A lot. And hardly ever buy anything over $10 on my own. I love a good t-shirt and anything denim. I have an all-American classic style that's very eccentric. I will almost always be caught in either a big pair of earrings, a cool pair of shoes, or a really bright lip.

What I Do.

I am currently living in Houston, Texas as a college student! I am currently studying to receive my Bachelor's degree in theatre. I am a storyteller and I believe that that's very clear in the way I choose to live. I love the bold, the memorable and I think that's what makes me love my life so much.

What I Love.

Jesus. Boys. The occasional cuss word when it really makes a story better. A really cold Dr Pepper with a really hot bowl of queso. Brunch with my ladies. Board games with my family, Traveling. Writing. And so much more that live on these many pages of the internet.