Positive Outcomes Only

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If you’ve known me for even the slightest bit of time within the past 4-5 years, there’s a preeeeetty good chance you’ve heard me say “positive outcomes only” at some point about something…I’m almost sure of it. This quote has been my compass for a good time now and I don’t see it changing. I heard it on some tv show probably my freshman year of highschool and it totally stuck.

In my early years of highschool, I was that absurdly positive girl that I’m sure a lot of people felt didn’t have a totally perfect grip on reality. I would walk through life chanting my battle cry of “let’s just totally be positive” as if it were always that easy. Throughout the years as reality began to crash down time and time again, this quote took on a new, much stronger, foothold in my life. Much like the cliche “it’s not over til the fat lady sings” it became “things aren’t over until you can dig out some positive thing that came from this.” I wanted to find the good fleck of light in every situation and I clung to the fact that although you may see no good at this moment, one day, something truly positive will show itself.  I absolutely love this reminder, it has gotten me through some truly hard situations and I can say through even the worst of the worst I have been able to find positives simply because I’ve looked.

The past week the nation has had is a phenomenal example of this. Hurricane Harvey blew through Southern Texas and left massive amount of damage. It was completely terrible and in a lot of places the destruction was unimaginable. However, Texas (and people from all over the United States) came together for one goal. Race, religion, class no longer became a popular topic and some many gorgeous stories came out of it. Proving that Americans are still kind caring people. I am so glad that for once, in the midst of pain and destruction the media came together to show off a truly beautiful side of the world. That’s definitely a positive outcome in my book.

I urge you to just try in sometime…don’t let the bad tarnish an entire situation just because it can hurt like hell. Fight for the good.

I stalked Uncensor Yourself for the longest ever since I discovered them from a Buzzfeed article, so when I got the opportunity to get a bracelet, it didn’t take more than two seconds to decide what I was going to write on it. It’s so nice that I get to physically carry this idea that is so important to me on my wrist. Scrolling through their instagram , it’s inspiring to see what other people hold dear to themselves as well (even if it’s just a laugh) As this bracelet and quote has started to travel with me during my day to day life, it’s started to patina to reflect my what I go through on the day to day which I think is absolutely stunning.

Positive Outcomes Only, y’all.

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Hannah Meade

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