Ruffle Top + Life Update

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I love this outfit. Tops like this are so fun to have in a wardrobe because they can seriously be worn for anything. Meeting? Check. Dinner with the girls? Don’t forget that fushcia lip. That holiday party in a few months? Duh. I managed to score it for $3 at H&M….ALWAYS check their sale racks. I’ve found that that’s one of the best places to find a great top. Also, sometimes I’ve gotten a piece from H&M clearance while it’s still full price online.

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Hey! So, I am now officially a junior in college! This was the first year I drove back to school and I had that good kind of anxiety, I am a theatre major and in addition to simply attending classes the first week, we also have auditions for our upcoming season and it’s exhilarating and heartbreaking and everything in between. I did not get cast this semester, which made my experience fall a bit on the heartbreaking side, but throughout all of the initial auditions and the callbacks I was blessed to receive, I had my fair share of exhilaration and I can truly say I am proud of myself.

Also, within the past month my dad was told that he has prostate cancer…..yup. While that nasty C word is truly one of the most abhorrent things that can occur in a lifetime, we as a family are so, so blessed. His particular types are so treatable which brings me much joy to say. This is his third cancer diagnoses (the others were different) but God continues to shed his grace on my family, but if you would like to contribute to the good thoughts and prayers flying his way, I would be forever grateful.

I think it’s funny that I was basically bragging about having all of my posts planned out and I literally immediately dropped the ball (haha) but I am back and ready to write! My school schedule is busy, BUT I will always find the time for my little corner of the internet even if I am the only person who reads it.

Life is a rollercoaster. I am happy. I am blessed. 

TOP: HM | JEANS: American Eagle  | HEELS: Amazon | EARRINGS: HM (similar)

Hannah Meade

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