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I don’t really have a ton to say about this look! I love the pajama in public look, even though I did not buy these as pjs haha! I wore this to a nighttime show, I really think the sleeveless overcoat made it super show appropriate because it is a quite leggy look! I think these shorts would be cute with a little pair of espadrilles and a denim jacket for a much less sexy look!

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Okay, I have been obsessed with Ben Higgins and Ashley I’s podcast “Almost Famous” ever since I binged it on my last long drive. Given the fact that they are both active members of the Bachelor frachise, they talk A LOT about relationships which got me thinking…I feel like the dating world gets completely flipped upside down when your turn twenty. Maybe I’m late (or even early) on this, but there are some really intense changes!

I feel like everyone kind of knows the high school dating scene, guy likes girl, guy/girl date, everyone knows about it. ***I am onlyyyy using guy/girl because I am discussing myself, fill in with whateverrrrr ya want (;*** But, I feel like when you hop into your twenties, things change. To be honest, I haven’t had many ‘boyfriends,’ I’ve had guys who I’ve dated, guys who were just friends and even guys who fall into that ‘we-aren’t-dating-but-we-definitely-aren’t-just-friends-and-I-don’t-know-wtf-I’m-doing’ category and it’s WEIRD. I feel like people are either like let’s get married NOW or like “I have never heard the word date in my life…who is she and is she dtf???” All while I’m just like, I want a nice relationship, where I’m not just wasting my time, but also hold onto your engagement rings for a hot second.

However, through all of this weirdness,  I have learned a few things and one in particular is I like titles. I have found that I am not good at this secretive, under the radar stuff, but some people are! They can do the go with the flow, here today gone tomorrow types. They like them, it’s causes excitement and mystery and not the insecurity and anxiety it causes me. I, personally, like guys with open intentions, that want to date. Not even necessarily get married…just exclusively date (and let’s be honest, not keep it some dramatic secret) through all of this dating weirdness I have learned things that I like and I want and I think that’s the most important part of dating at 20 to me.

So…QUESTION: Do y’all like when I write about my life and all the crazy happenings of it??? Because, I would like to make things like this MUCH more of a thing. I have a lot of stories (-; lemme know!

VEST: Boutique via Marshalls (identical) | TOP: Boutique via Marshalls (similar) | SHORTS: Wet Seal (very similar) | SHOES: Madden Girl (linked are the tan version!) | NECKLACE: Castillo and Co (c/o) | PHOTOGRAPHER: D.Riley.G Photo

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