My Corner of the Internet: What I Read

Lately I have especially loved reading really random articles online, some very serious, some not so much and let’s be honest, the new Facebook ‘save’ feature makes this very easy! I did get this idea from Cupcakes and Cashmere. Some of what I’ve been reading is below!

Map Shows the Animal Most Likely To Kill You in Each State Mine is contact with venomous arthopods, I wonder what that could be? Especially thinking of all this time I wasted being terrified of snakes!

Some Crazy Things People Are Purchasing On Amazon– I’ve definitely fallen down the black hole of Amazon a time or two lately…I mean, currently there’s a hammock sitting in my living room…seriously. But, I think some of these things are totally rad ideas.

An Artist Replaced Billboards With What They’re Blocking- The results are seriously stunning, give it a look.

Millennial Life is Hard, Check Out How These People Live– Living a full life is difficult these days, you have to make cuts somewhere, right?

Molten Chocolate Cake Was Popular Around the Time I Was Born, What About You?– I always love the lists based on years and this one is obviously super fun!


I think this is super fun! Let me know if you read any and what you think!


Hannah Meade

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