What I Eat: Edison Houston

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Welcome to my *new* favorite restaurant in Houston!!!! When I say amazing, I mean it. I have eaten at The Edison Houston twice and impressed, stuffed and happy is how I left every single time. Typing this is quite difficult because my mouth is watering and my stomach, growling as we speak. HELP.


Located about ten minutes from the Theatre District in Houston (I came from the Hobby Center the first time, PERFECT pre-show meal) and about 7 minutes from Historic 19th street in the Heights, it’s the perfect spot to get away from the traditional Historic Heights traffic, and relax a little. One of the best parts though, (and Houstonians will praise this fact as well) is there is so much on site parking. No street metered parking, no paid lots. You park, you sit, you eat, you get to confidently return to your car after dinner.


The decor of this place honestly fills all my undercover hipster wants and needs. If you haven’t guessed by now, the place is COVERED in Edison Bulbs giving off the most romantic, warm light (ironic because I always go with my girls) and exposed wood. I’d go just to take a good photo, haha! For all my wall art lovers, a huge mural of Mr. Edison will soon find a home on your instagram feed. The outdoor seating is my favorite though. With huge covered picnic tables, greenery and massive garage type doors separating the inside from the outside, it just makes you feel so cool and like you’re sitting somewhere like San Fransisco and not, the equally as awesome, Houston. It’s cool and breezy when it’s hot, and lit up with gorgeous fire pits when it’s a little cooler. Oh, I can’t forget to mention the kickass employees; totally request Ashten when you go, and tip big, she’s worth it.


And last but not least is the FOOD. Guys, GUYS. The chef here is phenomenal. Like, so so good. I cannot say enough good things. When you go definitely plan on sharing because you will want to try it all. As an appetizer I recommend the flatbread, which is much more flavorful than your average or the Brussel Sprouts which I cannot find English words to describe how amazing these taste, I literally cried-ask Cristina. For my main entree I got the Edison Burger both times because it’s just that good. It is the best burger I have ever eaten and I’ve had quite a few burgers in my 20 years. Also, get the aioli for everything, that stuff transforms a burger and ordinary fries to what dreams are made of. Speaking of fries, the order of fries is HUGE (as seen with Cristina above) and full meal worthy, ask them to put the aioli on the side so you can enjoy them again later! And to end, just get the pie. You won’t regret it.

I have only eaten there during late lunch/dinner time, but I am super pumped to get to try their brunch sometime soon! I have heard phenomenal things and I’m sure I’ll be there almost every weekend when I’m allowed to enjoy with a mimosa.

Let me know what YOU get when you go.



Hannah Meade

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