A Valentine’s Celebration

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I am honestly so happy while writing this post. To explain, I love throwing events (fun fact: event planning is one of my “back-up plans” although I don’t believe in them…more on that later) I love that events bring people together, create a slate for memory making and just general good times and life really deserves to be celebrated whether it’s a legitimate holiday or not. (V-day is TOTALLY legit in my book) Luckily, I was blessed to live with three other ladies that get excited about these things as well, so our Valentine’s celebration was born. We decided to serve breakfast for dinner and encouraged our guests to wear pj’s and it turned out so adorable! I could not have asked for it to have gone any better than it did.

From top to bottom:

  1. We like to call my bestie the drink master because, without measuring anything, she can make the best drinks for any occasion. Her goals was to create a hot pink drink (that was obviously tasty) and I’d say she was quite successful. She added one bottle of strawberry fanta, three bottles of sprite, strawberries, peach minute maid, and strawberry sherbet! The drink holder is this one, and we love it! It’s adorable in any setting.
  2. Our lovely table set up! Our table was thrifted and completely repainted! (Thanks mom!)
  3. I spent an entire hour making four dozen strawberries into hearts and arrows…all ya got to do is chop the strawberry in half and cut a v in the top and sometimes straighten out the sides then shoot the “arrow” right through the middle!
  4. What I wore! Since it was a pajama party, I was dying to find some adorable red ones and I did! The best part is they were only $6! This set is really similar and on sale as well!
  5. We created this backdrop super inexpensively: it’s just tissue paper over-lapped! It looked awesome!
  6. HOW PERFECT IS THIS SPREAD?! I am so so proud of this, we created a waffle, parfait and crepe bar with a ton of sweet toppings! We also served eggs (everyone dies over these), bacon, oatmeal (we have a few vegan friends, so I made a slow cooker apple oatmeal), it was yummy! Everyone returned at least once for more!

I had a blast spending time with a bunch of people I love. How are you spending this day? Whatever it is, be sure to check out some outfit ideas here and here!



Hannah Meade

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