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So….apparently I have a thing for grabbing my hair. No, but one thing I do have a thing for are quirky t-shirts. Seriously, I’m growing a collection so when Michael from Modern Indios Apparel contacted me I was very intrigued! I’m not going to lie, when I first saw it I thought “wait… this too cool for me?” but I dove right in and said yes and I think that this may be my favorite tee in my quirky collection (; I always say that the perfect thing to wear on a date is a black tee and I think this one would be perfect for whoever you’re taking out, but I’m most excited to wear it to class next semester with leggings and cool kicks.

I got this tee shirt in a Medium because I wanted it to be baggy, but honestly I should’ve gotten a small (which is what I actually am!) It washes well and comes soft so it’s soft before you wash it a billion times! They have A TON of super sweet designs and I already have my guy friends drooling over them! AND they are currently offering free shipping, GO to their website and instagram now!

tee: Modern Indios (I’m wearing this one!); Jeans: American Eagle


P.S. My birthday is tomorrow!

Hannah Meade

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