oh, what fun!


and………..say hello to the Meade family! These guys crack me up, we (yes, I am including myself) are the funniest group of people I know and I’m so thankful I was dropped into this family! These are our holiday photos of the year and I love them! They were taken by my cousin Courtney who is an AMAZING photographer!

A little about my family: I am the eldest child and my brother and sister are only 11 months apart and 16 and 15, respectively. My parents are amazing and while my dad moved around when he was a child, our entire family lives in Texas! We are dog people with a toy chihuahua named Nellie, a yorkie/poodle mix named Maverick and two new twin doberman who are named Josie and Blu! Our favorite hobbies are eating and cooking food to eat, boating and getting EXTREMELY competitive over board games. We want to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas!

sweater: Old Navy; skirt: H&M; boots: Ralph Lauren; photographer: Courtney Henderson Photography


Hannah Meade

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