Instagram Awards 2

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This is my second Instagram Awards! (This is the first!) Out of the last 50 photos posted, these are my top 8; four outfits and four miscellaneous that have not been previously featured on this blog! From left to right…top to bottom…

  1. I love this dress! It’s from Forever 21 and every time I put it on it makes me smile! I cannot wait to wear it this winter with polka dotted tights and a big coat!
  2. This is one of my favorite outfits like ever, honestly I felt so sexy and sometimes you just need a grown up miniskirt (that you only spent $2 on)
  3.  The secret about this shot is the fact that my shirt says “too sassy for you” which was just my dirty little secret of the day, masked by my toddler overall-dress (;
  4.  The reason I really love this shot is the surroundings! I took it in my school’s library on this perfectly monochromatic isle.
  5.  I just love Christmas decorations! It was the perfect thing to come home to at the end of the semester!
  6. I love this shot because my shirt was actually so wrinkly and this shot made it look so smooth!
  7. This is a shot from my brunch which was flawlessly executed (thanks guys!)
  8. My favorite little sitting area in my house.


Hannah Meade

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