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GUYS. I love this stuff. I love supporting small businesses, there is something so awesome about getting to meet the people that make the things you use everyday. My parents own a small business, so I especially think it’s important to support small. Small business Saturday is coming up (Nov. 26th!!) and these two businesses totally deserve support BECAUSE their products are so great and they are so so sweet!

These rollerballs are seriously my favorite scents in the world. NO JOKE. They have held my obsession for over a year and that’s some serious business. I met this business owner over a year ago in Austin, and she explained so much of the incredible process on how she makes them. These scents are amazing, guys. like, every single time I wear them, I get stopped and quite literally sniffed (HAHA, how awkward!!) but, I cannot even describe how awesome these smell. BUT, the best part of these is how long they last…You can put on these scents early in the morning and they’re still strong 12 hours later because they’re oil not alcohol based so they’re even good for your skin.  I own Passion Fruit (heart eyes) Lavender, and Lavender Rose. They are inexpensive and have found a spot among my most expensive scents. Go visit Kelly on her Etsy page!

This soap is perfect! My mom bought this for me in my college town at a craft show! Not going to lie, I was skeptical about using a bar soap on my face. I do have redness prone, sensitive skin so I really love to trust products before I even use them. The sellers were so smart and made me fully trust their product before I used it! The things this facial bar does for me are numerous. It removes my makeup with ease, doesn’t flair up my redness and doesn’t irritate my eye areas and it MOISTURIZES like crazy. I cannot wait to get my hands on more of their products. This phenomenal company offered a coupon code for you guys for 15% off of your entire order! The prices already rock, so with this code you can get an awesome gift (even for yourself) for really inexpensive! This soap is great, go visit Old Fashion Soap Co. and use HANNAH15 for 15% off your entire order! I’m so excited for this coupon code for you guys!


Hannah Meade

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