I quit

Since I was pretty much born, I’ve never really quit anything. Things I loved, things I hated; if I started something, I finished it without out a second thought. I have pushed through things I have absolutely hated because I thought that nothing could be worse than quitting something. ‘Quitters never win’ was always etched into my work ethic and for that I am very thankful because there have moments when that statement was the fuel of my passion, but the key word in that is absolutely passion. I have slowly realized that people that stay with things that don’t feed their soul don’t always win, in my book they don’t really win at all…

Needless to say, I quit a job.

Quite blasphemous for me to say honestly, but I’m actually so incredibly proud of it. I quit. It’s small sure, but to me, it’s a damn big deal. This was a job I really hoped and prayed for; one that I thought would give me a massive dose of happiness. I had done it for years and it was IS something I’m passionate about, but I almost let the choice of forcing something I wanted to be right to possibly pillage through that passion forever. Everything, from the time, the money, was right about this job, I just didn’t fit. I’ll admit, I did try to force it which I don’t think is a bad thing, the ‘you don’t belong feeling’ should be tested and I dug my heels in, adapted and gave it numerous shots, but I think, in the end, I saved myself from a hundred other losses by just giving into this one.

I am definitely not saying I’m going to begin bailing on everything that becomes difficult (difficulty is NOT the issue, when you know you gotta go, you know) for I am a go-getter and a persevere-r and I love that about myself, but I am not going to force myself to stay in places where I don’t belong. It could be a job, a relationship, an outfit, a friend group, I’m done forcing. I have seen myself holding myself to this happiness-standard in other parts of my life as well and it’s making a world of a difference. The ability to work hard comes from passion and zest and I don’t think anyone can be their most successful in a place where their constantly searching for those things. I just don’t. I never thought I would find so much maturity within myself when I became a lil ole quitter, but I did.



Hannah Meade

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