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hello everyone! I’m just popping in to say what my plans are with this blog and what has been up in my life! I have been getting more blog traffic lately simply because I have started a new instagram especially for this page! If you haven’t checked it out, have a quick look at @ thebeginningofhannah . Anyways, if I haven’t gotten to introduce myself, my name is Hannah and some of these posts come from inside my closet and the others come from inside my brain. But, I’m really excited to expand my content in the upcoming months! I am having a ton of fun with my fashion posts, but I do want to talk more on how I shop on such a budget. I am a MAJOR cheapo! Also, I want to add more decor and more of what I’m doing, I like to explore and DIY and review food so I really just want to make it more me. And lastly, I just want to write. I want my deep thoughts to find a home among all the my clothes. (Fun fact: my closet is my favorite place to sit and think, so really everything comes full circle!) But, those are kind of my plans, I am moving back to school shortly, so I don’t know how that will change things, but I’m excited to grow this little thing!



Hannah Meade

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