my first year of college


I have officially completed my freshman year of college, and while there were plenty of positives, I did not have the time of my life. Many people say that they left home and really found themselves and while that’s incredible that did not happen for me. I can say that during my freshman year of school, I doubted myself far more than I believed, I trusted people too easily and lost my way a few times whether that was not being optimistic, or losing my zest. It wasn’t easy. I experienced my loneliest moments even though I was surrounded by people I loved deeply and loved me back. It is so possible to be following your dreams and doing what you are so passionate about and still feel lost at times. Just because I was exactly where I was supposed to be doesn’t mean I was always comfortable. I attained so much comfort in my life previous to my move that I just expected the world to open up to me, and not all of it did. And that is more than okay, because now I know how to live in a situation where I may want the easy way out. I saw this quote a few weeks ago during one of the worst days and it really resonated with me. Please don’t forget why you started something in the first place, let yourself live in the past successes and future hopes for a few second every once in a while, and look around you love the people that let you cry on their couches or in their cars, they are so important to this time in your life. I had a lot of incredible opportunities this year, many “so close” moments and many chances to appreciate a realize how I need to grow. Don’t let seeing things from a new perspective ruin everything and don’t forget the struggle because that is what makes the success so much more grand.


Hannah Meade

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